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CashUp Casino Deposit Method 2021

CashUp casinos


CashUp is a prepaid card that works just like a credit or debit card. The only difference is that when the card is used, the online casino may require that you use the entire balance in one transaction. It is generally available wherever prepaid cards are sold and do not list a geographical restriction on who can use these prepaid cards. It does not appear that these cards are available for purchase online, so they likely need to be purchased in a store that sells other types of prepaid cards. The online gambler will likely be able to load the card at purchase, like many other types of prepaid cards. It is available in several currencies as well.

CashUp Casinos

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There are two key differences between the CashUp card and a “regular” prepaid card. The first is that the balance may need to be used in one transaction, and the second is that the card comes with a voucher code instead of simply entering the numbers on the card. This is perhaps why the balance of the card must be used all at one time.

It does not appear that this payment method is accepted at very many online casinos. Unless the player uses a specific casino that accepts this payment method, it might be more beneficial for the player to find a preferred payment method that is more widely accepted.

How to deposit with CashUp?

Using CashUp is very similar to depositing with a debit or credit card. The buyer should obtain their CashUp card wherever prepaid cards are sold and deposit funds into the account. Then, the player should be able to take the card home and deposit at the online casino from their home computer or another device. The online casino will list whether or not they accept payments from CashUp.

If the online casino does accept this payment method, then the player should be able to visit the cashier page at their online casino, select CashUp as the payment option, and verify how much they would like to deposit. Some casinos will also require the player to select a specific currency type. In addition, the online casino may require that the CashUp card be used in its entirety in one deposit. CashUp has a voucher code that the player will input into the cashier page at their online casino to deposit money there. The money to begin playing should be there almost instantly. The funds will then be credited to the player’s account.

The player should keep in mind that individual online casinos may have deposit limits that are less than the full amount of the CashUp card. This could become a problem if the player must deposit the entire amount on the CashUp card in one transaction.

Advantage of CashUp

One of the major advantages of using CashUp is that the player can remain anonymous in a way that they would not be able to if they used a regular credit card or debit card or their personal bank account. The card is also fairly easy to load and is available in a variety of currencies. It also provides a good way to keep gambling funds separate from an everyday bank account. The transfers are virtually instant as well, which is helpful to keep gameplay moving along.

Disadvantage of CashUp

The disadvantages of this payment method may outweigh the advantages. CashUp is not accepted at very many online casinos and it cannot be obtained online. The player should be sure that their particular online casino accepts this payment method before investing in a card. The player must actually find this prepaid card in a physical store and load it there.

The most troublesome part of this payment method, however, is the fact that the balance may sometimes be required to be used in one sitting. That means that it must be loaded fairly frequently in smaller amounts to avoid conflict with deposit limits. It also means that the player has to return to the store to reload their card every time that they want to make a deposit. This is very time consuming and burdensome for some online gamblers.