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Cheque Casino Deposit Method 2021

Cheque casinos


Online gambling is becoming more popular with each passing day as many people start to become experienced and get the hang of the fun that is on offer when playing in online casinos. The major problem seems to be the safest way to online casino deposits into a player’s account and this is what has held back a lot of potential gamers from playing at online casinos. The process of making deposits at online casinos has steadily made huge strides over the years such that players have a range of different payment options that account for fast and secure banking solutions.

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One such solution is the cheque, or as the Americans call it, a check. A cheque is simply a piece of paper which will enable a bank to transfer funds from one bank account to another. One of the most common methods of payment in the world today, the cheque is widely used in the online casino scene to make deposits to player accounts. And even though most people might frequently view a cheque as a method of withdrawal, it can also be used to make a deposit at a wide range of online casinos.

How To Deposit With a Cheque

Players who are looking to make deposits using cheques will need to either mail the physical cheque to the online casino or alternatively, use an e-cheque payment method to make the deposit. For either of the two ways, players will need to ensure that they have enough funds in their linked bank accounts. When mailing a cheque, the player must ensure he/she has written it out to the right online casino taking care to use the right mailing address too.

The player might also want to consider sending it as “certified” [or whichever equivalent applies depending on the country of residence] in order to make sure it will reach its intended destination. Informing a casino customer support representative that the cheque is on the way also helps a great deal since the rep will certainly provide a time frame within which funds will be credited to the player’s account.

For players who opt to use an online e-cheque payment processor for casino’s, they will have to provide the casino with the requisite details, the same information as that which would appear on a physical cheque. Naturally, this varies from one country to another, but the basic requirements will include an IBAN or routing number and/or the account number. Making a deposit via cheque requires the player to mail it to a processing center then wait for it to arrive. After this, the cheque has to be processed to clear the bank and this process may take anywhere from 5 to 10 business days or even more.

Advantages Of Using a Cheque

Although cheques may be a slow method of making a deposit to an online casino, they’re extremely reliable. The major advantage of using a cheque to make deposits at online casinos is in its simplicity. As long as a player has a bank account, then he/she is able to send money to a casino without needing to register with a 3rd party payment processor. This will certainly save a lot of time and effort. Cheques are recognized at all banks considering almost everyone has a bank account, all players have to do is deposit the cheques in their checking accounts. More advantages of using cheques as a banking method are;

  • Cheques are a very secure method of transaction
  • Only the online casino will need to know a player’s banking information
  • A cheque draws directly from the player’s checking account
  • A cheque requires little to no fees for in order to process payments

Disadvantages Of Using a Cheque

Depositing using a cheque means players have to wait for several business days in order to receive their funds. Most players will often opt for a payment method that pays instantly through their bank or a 3rdparty service. A cheque usually takes several days for the funds to clear and when combined with the time it takes to mail it, the process can take upwards of 7 days. Making withdrawals via cheque isn’t that rosy either so players who want faster access to their money might want to consider other methods such as 3rd party e-wallets instead.