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eChecks by iGM-Pay Casino Deposit Method

eChecks by iGM-Pay casinos

eChecks by iGM-Pay

eChecks by iGM Pay is an electronic check system used to deposit money into online casinos. It links directly to the user’s bank account through their checking account information. The process is virtually instant and completely free. It also provides gamers and online gamblers a way to collect their winnings by cashing them directly into their bank account. eChecks by iGM has the gamer’s bank account information, but the online game or casino does not, which makes this method safer than using the gamer’s bank account or credit or debit card directly.

eChecks by iGM-Pay Casinos

This system is available to gamers and gamblers in the United States and Canada. Anyone with a United States or Canada personal checking or savings account and a United States or Canada address can use eChecks by iGM Pay. However, relatively few online casinos offer this type of payment method.

How to deposit with eChecks by iGM Pay

Using eChecks by iGM Pay first requires users to register their bank account information with the iGM Pay website. Once the gamer’s bank account is linked to their iGM account, then users can deposit money with online casinos. iGM will verify the gamer’s bank account by making two small deposits into the user’s bank account. Gamers must tell iGM Pay how much each of these amounts was before the account verification process is complete. Gamers are only allowed to make one deposit before this verification process has been completed. Once the bank account is confirmed, then gamers can continue making deposits as they wish.

Users can also set up their iGM Pay account when they attempt to deposit money for the first time. Gamblers go to the cashier and select eChecks by iGM Pay as the payment method. Users enter their bank account information and go through the verification process in a similar manner. iGM does not charge any fees for its deposit services.

eChecks by GM Pay also offers a withdrawal service where they can collect winnings directly through their iGM Pay account. Select iGM Pay when cashing out with the online casino and the funds will be transferred directly to the gamer’s linked bank account. The deposits take roughly four business days to transfer. iGM does not charge any fee for this service.

Advantages of eChecks by iGM Pay

This payment method is instant and relatively easy. Anyone that has the United States or Canadian personal checking or savings account can use this payment method. This service also offers a relatively easy withdraw method that has a fairly standard deposit time. It is also helpful that the first deposit can go through even where the verification process has not been completed yet. This payment method was developed specifically for online gamers and gamblers, so the business knows the needs of its customers very well. The only business that has the gamer’s bank account information is iGM Pay, so that makes it much safer as well.

Perhaps the greatest advantage with this system, however, is that it does not collect fees of any kind from the gamer—for depositing or withdrawing. A couple of casinos also offer bonuses for using this type of deposit method.

Disadvantages of eChecks by iGM Pay

Some gamers may not want to directly connect their bank account to any payment method, but checks by GM Pay requires a savings or checking account. This payment method is also fairly limited because only those from the United States and Canada can use it, and only a few casinos accept this payment method.