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FPS-ePassporte Casino Deposit Method 2021

FPS-ePassporte casinos


FPS-ePassporte was founded in 2003 and is set up like an e-wallet. Users can transfer money into their online account and the use the account to make deposits at online casinos and online games. What makes this method unique is that is very similar to a debit card. Users can use their FPS-ePassporte account to pay anywhere that Visa or MasterCard is accepted. Users can even use this payment method for other online shopping

FPS-ePassporte Casinos

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The method that FPS-ePassporte allows users to remain anonymous at their online casino because users only share their information with FPS-ePassporte. This also increases overall security for these users as well. Users can also request a physical card that allows them to withdraw their funds from ATMs around the world.

This payment method is not limited to residents of a certain country. Anyone from around the world can register for a FPS-ePassporte account and use the service worldwide.

Depositing with FPS-ePassporte

Registering for a FPS-ePassporte account takes just a few minutes. The users should enter his or her personal information on the FPS-ePassporte website to create an account. Users then load their FPS-ePassporte account with the regular debit or credit card. The FPS-ePassporte information is actually used at the casino website instead of the user’s normal debit or credit card. Online games and casinos may list FPS e-Passporte as a payment method, but users can utilize their FPS e-Passporte account anywhere that MasterCard or Visa cards are accepted.

The FPS-ePassporte information even includes CVV information so that users have full access to their accounts as if it were a regular debit or credit card. The account must be funded prior to using the account, and it generally takes 24 hours for funds to appear in the account.

Users can withdraw funds from ATMs around the world if they utilized the option to have a physical debit card. Otherwise, users can request a withdrawal directly from FPS-ePasstporte, and FPS-ePassporte will send the money to the user.

Advantages of FPS-ePassporte

Perhaps the greatest advantage of this service is that it used worldwide. There are no limitations on who can use this service and the merchants who accept FPS-ePassporte are numerous. The account is very easy to set up and use. Users enter the deposit information just as they would a Mastercard or a Visa, but this method has the benefit of a middle-man for added security. It is also helpful to keep the gambling account separate from any actual credit cards, debit cards, or bank accounts. The ability to obtain an actual card to use at an ATM is also helpful. Withdrawing funds from this account is also a relatively easy process that any online gamer or gambler will enjoy.

Disadvantages of FPS-ePassporte

The FPS-ePassporte only has one funding method—debit or credit card. If users do not have a debit or credit card, then they cannot use this method because they will not be able to fund their account. It occasionally takes some time to see the funds appear in the user’s account.