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iCheque Casino Deposit Method 2021

icheque casinos


The security of internet payment has become a rapidly growing problem as fraudsters routinely hack legitimate online retailer sites to gather customer’s card or bank. iCheque was developed to enable users to pay for a range of online transactions without exposing confidential card details or bank account details to retailers. The system utilizes an innovative mobile application through which players can deposit funds to their casino accounts a simple, quick and comfortable way.

iCheque Casinos

Launched in the year 2010 by an experienced team of professional card and non-card executives, iCheque is headquartered in the city of Cambridge, England. Their core services are offering users electronic pre-paid vouchers which are purchased from approved distributors online and subsequently redeemed at participating online casinos. The iCheque network is licensed to operate as an e-money institution and it’s regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the UK.

The system operates through the info-communication channels that have been installed with multiple error allowances. These systems have been equipped with high-level protection and software architecture that’s implemented according to required security solutions to be permanently available at all times.

How To Deposit With iCheque?

The iCheque system is a mobile phone-based payment solution offering players the option of making deposits to online casinos in a very cost-effective way that is independent of banks and mobile service providers. It uses Wifi or GPRS for data transmission on mobile devices, laying emphasis on a player’s ease of use as well as adventure. A run-down of how to make a payment with iCheque is as below;

  • A player selects the iCheque option on the cashier page of the Casino Club then enters the amount to deposit.
  • The system directs the player to the iCheque website at www.icheque.com.
  • Once a player has registered an account at the website, he/she is given details on how to access iCheques in addition to personal code.

The player will then enter the personal code and make his/her deposit by clicking the “pay now” button.
To use this system, players must download the app from the internet and install it on their mobile phones. The app can also be downloaded through Windows Store for Windows phones, from Google Play for Android devices as well as from the Apple Store for iPhone models.

Advantages Of Using iCheque

For one to use it, all a player needs is an android, iOS or Windows Smartphone plus internet connectivity. The iCheque is basically a single-use e-voucher that’s designed to be used as an electronic voucher to make deposits at online casinos. It’s a safe depositing method as users are able to transfer the exact amount of funds and all financial information is kept safe and secure on the iCheque website. The iCheque voucher code is sent directly by the casino via an email containing an “activation link.” This link takes a user to an activation page, and once the player enters the last 4 digits of the card used to buy the voucher, it is activated. The major advantages to using the iCheque system are;

  • A player can make daily deposits of €10 to €5,000 using iCheques.
  • iCheque vouchers are currently issued across a number of currencies including Euros, Sterling Pound, US dollars, and more.
  • All players need is mobile phone browsers to connect to a casino portal in order to make a deposit.
  • Most online casinos will allow players to make their deposits or payments in a currency that is different from the “issued currency” of the voucher.
  • Should the voucher not be activated within six days, the code is canceled and all the funds are returned to the original account used to make the purchase.

Disadvantages Of Using iCheque

The main disadvantage of using iCheque is that each voucher has an exact value meaning it has to be spent completely. As such, players should always ensure they have selected the correct value before making deposits or playing at online casinos. Another disadvantage is that it takes up to 24 hours for the deposit amount to appear in a player’s casino account, and withdrawals are not possible when using iCheques. Should a player decide that they don’t want an iCheque voucher after having activated it, there’s a 15% handling fee that’s charged before the funds can be returned.

Click here to visit iCheque official website