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iPoint Casino Deposit Method 2021

iPoint casinos


In 2002, IP Ltd developed a service called iPoint which is an option for mobile payment. The beta testing of iPoint was conducted by the International Bank that lasted for 6 months before approving it finally. It was in October 2002 when this service was finally launched.

The mobile phone owners can make a telephone call and purchase credits using this little known and comparatively new service. The unique feature of this service is that it is not linked to any of the service providers of the mobile phone industry. In other words, it is completely independent of the brand or the model of the mobile phone, the customer should be using. No additional hardware is required to be purchased by the customers to avail this revolutionary service.

iPoint Casinos

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The only criteria for iPoint from its customers are that the latter should ensure the activation of the international calling facility n their handsets. And if a customer is worried about how secured the payment process is, he or she has no need to be concerned about it at all. The fund transfer process is absolutely secured, safe and instant.

The major reason why many of the online casinos are not using the point service is that the service has been relatively new in the market. But slowly the realization has dawned upon these casinos that iPoint as an option of payment has tremendous potential. Hence it is but imperative that soon, the use of iPoints would see massive growth in these online casinos.

How does iPoint Work?

As discussed in the earlier section, iPoint is handset independent i.e. it works with all models and brands of handsets. The network provider of a mobile company has practically nothing to do with the iPoint service. Hence the users of the point service need not subscribe to a particular service provider. What makes it more interesting is that this service can be used to recharge any type of prepaid card. The users in order to use this service just require having a mobile phone, a valid email address and a credit card. To begin with, they should go to a website and get registered with an account on the site. The customers are required to transfer fund to their iPoint account before they can deposit fund in an online casino. In order to do so, the customers need to provide the details of their credit cards to iPoint that the latter saves in their offline servers in a secured manner. On receiving the card details, iPoint will revert with a confirmation code or a PIN to its customers.

The funds can be transferred to a customer’s account by using a VISA or MasterCard credit card. The fund transfer is an instant process which allows the online players t buy products and services from several online retailers who support the iPoint Service.

If a customer desires for credit for providing funds to his online casino account, he or she must contact iPoint from a mobile phone so that the latter can initiate the fund transfer process. Only after the system receives the confirmation code that it would allow the fund transfer.

iPoint Pros / Cons

iPoint is a secured and safe process as it would never disclose debit or credit card information to anyone during the transaction process / The details of the customers’ credit cards are stored safely in an offline secured iPoint server. The ipoint also has a system of personal verification that offers the best security standards to its customers.

Another merit of the iPoint service is its speed. Though it is a relatively new methodology of fund deposit in the world of online casinos and gaming sites, it is rapidly becoming very popular. The main reason for its popularity is that the service uses mobile phones for all its monetary transactions.

iPoint provides excellent customer service and it has a team of proactive and friendly representatives always eager to help the customers round the clock. The most important advantage of this service is that it is a free service. The customers need not pay any registration charges. There are no annual fees to be paid for availing this service.

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