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PagoEfectivo Casino Deposit Method 2021

PagoEfectivo deposit casinos


A new voucher-based method of payment mainly targeted at online players in Mexico, Pago en Efectivo is powered by Minerva Data LTD. The system requires no sign-up nor the sharing of a user’s financial and personal details which goes a great way to minimize transaction risks over the internet. Players who choose to fund their online casino accounts with the Pago en Efectivo system are given a voucher which can be redeemed at any post office [Telecomm]or 7Eleven establishment. As such, users have thousands of easily accessible and convenient locations that are available nationwide where they can purchase the vouchers.

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Once a player has bought a voucher, their online casino account balances are will be credited with the after about 15 minutes and any player located in Mexico is eligible to use these vouchers. Users can set up accounts at either at a payment center or alternatively, via the company’s secure online web portal. The more common type of players who prefer this system of payment includes those without bank accounts or credit/debit cards as well as those who prefer not to share their personal banking information with third parties over the internet.

This is a depositing system mainly for players who want to enjoy a flexible online method of payment while protecting their financial information. It’s ideally the perfect service for players who want to gamble in anonymity.

Depositing Pago en Efectivo

Pago enEfectivo works just like any other voucher and players can purchase it from any postal office [Telecomm] establishment or from a 7Eleven store located anywhere within Mexico city. It’s quite simple to use this system; all a player has to do is simply click on the checkout tab, or head to the online casino’s cashier section then keys in the amount to be transferred. A voucher with a Reference Number will be automatically generated, after which a player heads to the nearest Post Office location or a 7Eleven store and pay for the voucher that has been generated. The basic run-down when making a deposit to an online casino is as follows;

  • Head to “Banking Options” on the Pago en Efectivo website
  • Player then selects the “Pago en Efectivo” tab on the “Deposit Options” page
  • Enter the amount of money to be deposited, and then click the “Proceed” button
  • Player confirms the deposit method plus the amount deposited

The voucher with a reference number is displayed and the user can then pay for the deposit at any post office [Telecomm] or 7Eleven establishment

Once a player has paid for the voucher and deposited the amount paid for, the transaction is complete, and the casino account balance is credited in roughly 15 after the payment.

Advantages Of Using Pago en Efectivo

Pago en Efectivo is the most optimal payment system for online casino players in Mexico as it offers both deposit and withdrawal solutions using only the local currency: Mexican Pesos. The transaction times are fast, with funds being transferred within minutes. Any user who runs into any hitches while conducting a transaction can contact the service’s customer service support team which is available 24/7. There are a number of advantages when using this payment processing system as detailed below;

  • Pago en Efectivo is very user-friendly as a player only needs to put money into an account and then play at online casinos
  • Users’ information is protected via advanced SSL encryption technology in addition to other security measures
  • It’s a flexible system of payment since players can use it at various online casinos plus at other online vendors
  • Users don’t need to own banks accounts or credit cards in order to the system when making their deposits
  • No personal or financial information is required for players to use the Pago en Efectivo system

Disadvantages Of Using Pago en Efectivo

The one major drawback when using Pago En Efectivo to make deposits is that, because the service only accepts users from Mexico, many potential players are locked out from using it. This also means there aren’t a lot of online casinos that are ready to accept vouchers purchased from Pago en Efectivo.

Click to visit Pago en Efectivo official website