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Univoucher Casino Deposit Method 2021

Univoucher deposit casinos


Univoucher is a single-use e-voucher that is used as a separate payment method which works like a pre-paid voucher or a gift card. Using this payment method allows players to keep their personal financial information to themselves and simply use the voucher to deposit money into their online casino account. Its major feature is safety and security. Players must purchase these from a Univoucher reseller. These resellers have very strict security requirements that they must meet in order to qualify as a Univoucher reseller.

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Univouchers are available in several currencies, including Euros, British Pounds, United States Dollars, Swedish Krona, and Norwegian Krone. Technically, they are not e-money because they are backed by real currency and have a limited amount. Regardless, Univoucher is certified as an Electronic Money Issuer and is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom. The Univoucher can change between currencies (from the player to the casino), but there may be transaction fees and effects based on the exchange rate.

Vouchers can be refunded if they are not used within 48 hours, and Univoucher will credit the player’s bank account or the card used to purchase the Univoucher. This payment method must also be used within a certain time after it has been activated. Usually, it must be used within 30 days of activation. While Univoucher itself does not charge any fees, the retailer may charge the user fees while using the Univoucher.

How to deposit with Univoucher?

To use Univoucher, the user must first purchase the voucher at one of the Univoucher Resellers. These Resellers are specially certified to have met the high-security requirements that Univoucher requires. Univoucher lists all of their certified resellers on their website so users can be sure that they are buying from someone who is certified safe.

Once the player purchases a Univoucher, they will receive a confirmation e-mail for the transaction. There will be an activation link in the e-mail, and the player must activate the voucher before it can be used. Then, the player should visit the dealer page on their online casino. Find the payment method for Univoucher, and enter the Univoucher code on their payment page. Retailers must also be genuine Univoucher Retailers to accept Univoucher payments. Once the retailer confirms payment, then the funds will be deposited into the player’s online casino account. Because of the way that Univoucher works, it is not likely to be an effective withdrawal method.

Apart from the code, it does work very similarly to a prepaid credit card or gift card. Right now, there are very few online casinos that accept payments from Univoucher, but that number is likely to increase. Some online casinos will allow players to have a bonus for using Univoucher but check with your preferred casino to see if they have this option.

Advantage of Univoucher

The biggest advantage that Univoucher offers is its safety and security features. The online casino never sees the player’s financial information. That information is shared with the third-party reseller, who has been certified as safe by Univoucher themselves. The money is automatically returned if it is not used within 48 hours or 30 days (if it has already been activated), that means if you somehow lose the activation information then you are not out any money because it will be returned to you.

This payment method also works well for casual gamers and gamblers because it helps them limit spending and keep their bank account or credit card separate from the online casino. This is a great way to keep track of your spending as well.

Disadvantage of Univoucher

For serious gamblers, this payment method can be cumbersome because it requires them to go through two entities—the reseller and the online casino. It is not as quick as some methods and that can be frustrating for players who want their deposits to go through quickly so they can continue playing. One of the other major disadvantages is that it is not widely accepted at many online casinos at this time. Although it appears that anyone can obtain a Univoucher, they may have trouble finding the right casino where they can use it.

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