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Antigua licensed Casinos

Antigua licensed Casinos

Antigua Online Gaming Association

Antigua Online Gaming Association or OGA is a company responsible for licensing online gambling businesses. It is based in Antigua and Barbuda and was created in the late 1990s. The association has made a name for itself for licensing small or mid-scale casinos that meet their standards. We will be showing the casinos that have been licensed and the licensing process on this page.

The Licenses

There are two types of licenses in Antigua and Barbuda. One of them is for the online casinos and it is actually for interactive gaming while the other one is a license for interactive wagering and it’s for sportsbooks. Whether the company has a sportsbook or an online casino it must apply for the license in order to function legally.

Application Prerequisite

In order to get your application accepted though, you must undergo quite a lengthy procedure. First and first of all, you must pay a fee in order for them just to process your paperwork. That fee is not refundable indifferent of their answer. You will have to have a clean history and no criminal record and also a good financial situation. Only after those will the Antigua Online Gaming Association even look into your business. After all of those, they decide if you’re eligible for having the application approved or not.

Providing Fair Games

If a company gets the license however it’s not a must that that license will remain. While Antigua and Barbuda don’t have extremely thorough checks they do have some important checks in order to make sure that the companies licensed under them are providing fair games. They also check the company’s financial stability and make sure that they do everything 100% legal. If any of those requirements are not met they will not hold back from revoking the license.

Licensed Companies

Never trust a company from the very first when they say that they’re licensed. Antigua and Barbuda offer a full list of all the licensed companies on their website. You can find it at www.antiguagaming.gov.ag in the Licensees category. There, just access active licenses and you will find the list of companies that they have licensed. They also offer a category for the companies that fakely say that they have such a license for you to know what companies are actually unlicensed. This is crucial information for anyone trying to sign up for an online casino. Actually, checking licenses and other information is important for anything that ever requires you to put in actual money.

Dispute and Resolution

If you ever have problems however with an online casino or get scammed you need to take matters into your own hands. First and first of all contact the website. If you’re not satisfied then contact inforcasinobonus as they have a large amount of information that you might need. If nothing works you can always go to www.antiguagaming.gov.ag and contact them directly about that information, Antigua and Barbuda take every licensed company that disobeys the laws or tries to scam its customers very seriously.