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Casinos Most Guarded Secrets

Most Guarded Secrets of Casinos

You might be tempted to think casino secrets are rather rudimentary or benign projections such as, the 4th slot machine in every second row pays out by the hour. But you would be wrong. These secrets are more often the things casinos do in order to distract you from the obvious.

One major secret is pretty much obvious; all casinos want to play on you irrationality as opposed to using your head so you don’t leave with a fat bankroll in your pocket. Unfortunately, most people lose all sense of logic when they enter a casino after they see all those bells and whistles that light up the gambling environment. Expectant players are to be seen piling their stacks of chips while all that’s running through their minds is what to do with all their winnings.

However, the key to winning lies in using your head. As a gambler, one thing you must always remember is that it’s never worth losing your hard-earned money when the odds of winning a big jackpot are so outrageously stacked against you. The right play here is endeavoring to consistently win smaller amounts rather than trying to get rich on a toss of the dice at the craps table, or one spin of the roulette wheel, or one go on the slot machine. These small winnings will naturally stack up to a large sum at the day.

Double your bet by playing only the red/black at the $10 roulette table

The next time you find yourself in a casino, how about you only play red or black at the 10 dollar Roulette table as each win typically doubles your bet. This way, you can easily make up to 100 dollars at the table in less than 30 minutes at 10 dollars per spin. For instance, say you head to a table, wait for the wheel spin and land three times in a row on the same color; a great play here would be to bet on the other color. And once you’ve made some money, you can then choose to play a few other bets making sure you stay on the outside of the board.

The odds are certainly way better at 3 to 1 or 4 to 1 rather than at 40 to1. By utilizing this method, it’s very possible to convert a mere $20 into $900 within 3 hours or thereabouts. Might not be a fortune exactly, but don’t expect to walk in poor and exit as a millionaire. That’s just crazy.

No clock, No window secret

Another casino secret is that they want you to lose every no concept of time and that’s why you won’t find a clock or a window inside. When gambling, time deceitfully seems to go faster except that there are no clocks or windows in the casino so you have no idea of how long you’ve been gambling. If you did, you’d start thinking of leaving but the casinos want you losing all track of time so that you can spend the entire day and night gambling. The reason for this is, since you’re bound to get tired at some point, the adrenalin rush that comes with gambling will keep you awake. You’ll then start spending money faster and faster because you can no longer think straight.

Casinos are set up to make you dreams come true, no; they’re there to take clean you out. Always remember that any time you leave a casino with some of its money, it is purely accidental – the house never loses.

Ugly colors for the walls and rugs secret

One other trick that casinos employ to keep you gambling is through using ugly colors for the rugs and walls that are near the exit areas while the gaming sections are spruced up with attractive and nice colors. This is set to subliminally appeal to your brain and make you choose the attractive sectors over the ugly areas; the nicer the colors, the worse the odds are stacked against you winning.

Keeping this information in mind means you won’t head home from a casino and quit your day job, but you’ll make some money and have a good time making it too.