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Casinos Owned by Golden Palace Group

Golden Palace Online

The Golden Palace group, founded in 1997, is a casino group name which has gathered quite a negative appraisal from players and institutions. Before it was relieved of its microgaming operating license in 2003, they used various methods to publicize their programs and bonuses which turned out to be problematic.

Before switching to the Topgame platform, which is less preferred due to erroneous operations, the Golden Palace Group’s websites and games were run using Playtech.

Unlike other renowned casino groups that continuously rose to fame because of their trustworthy and fair users policies and programs, the Golden Palace has been blacklisted in numerous portals due to a varying reasons, including the incompetence to respond to complaints and players’ issues, the confiscation of bonuses that have been previously promised, and misleading marketing strategies.

The group is also known for committing unethical practices, such as spending money to interrupt the Olympics and bribing a person to name her child after the group’s primary casino name, the Golden Palace casino.

In 2014, the group closed all their sites except for the Golden Palace casino.

2009 Rome Casino Incident

In 2009, players at Rome Casino observed that there was a missing symbol on the reels of a number of the slots, therefore making it impossible to win the jackpot. This caused the level of trust and confidence among its players and reviewers on the group decline at a terribly fast pace.

Games Offered

The Golden Palace group offers slot machines as one of their major games available for players. In addition, there are other games such as the war and keno, four types of poker, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. At present, there are no live games and dealers at their existing casino.

Poor Withdrawal Policy

Players have generally put a bad evaluation of the group’s withdrawal policy. If a player wants to withdraw his or her credits, he or she will have to wait up to three business days for the request to be approved. After that, processing of the actual withdrawal from their system to Skrill, Neteller, or wire transfer, which is apparently the only way you can withdraw your money from, will take one to 12 days.

Blackhat SEO, Spamming

The group, in its Golden Palace website, is also known for using blackhat SEO and spam content in order to pull their site on top of search engine results. They have also advertised false commission conversion rates which were criticized by webmasters in different forums.

Unfair Affiliates Quotas

For players who spent a lot on gaming rather than recruiting new affiliates, this policy was considered unfair. The group promoted the Golden Palace Affiliates, where, in the terms and conditions, it is stipulated that players need to refer at least one new player (who will deposit an amount) each month in order to gain more than the 10% (standard) commission rate.

Basically, this means that those who put much effort in the past but are unable to refer new players on a regular monthly basis will be left unrewarded. This falls into the previously mentioned bonus confiscation program that became one of the many reasons why the group was blacklisted in the recent past.