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Exclusive Casino Bonus

Exclusive Casino Bonus

Understanding Exclusive Casino Bonuses

Exclusive Casino Bonus

An exclusive casino bonus is a great way to a get a little extra bump at an online casino. They are specifically targeted at new players, but sometimes existing players can find bonuses as well. Basically, an online casino will pair with a review site or an online casino guide to offer players specific bonuses that come from that website. Here you can find exclusive bonuses from InfoCasinoBonus

Online casinos realize that new players or players that are looking to switch online casinos are likely researching these casinos online. Naturally, that research brings the player to the online casino review site. Then, that review site may offer exclusive bonuses to players who came to their website and decided to use a particular online casino based on the information on that website. It is unclear how these guides and information sites have access to these bonuses, but they seem to work out deals with the online casino so that they offer them to their website viewers.

This type of bonus definitely encourages players to do a little digging before they make their first deposit at any online casino. Not only should they look for the best welcome bonuses and other perks, but if they search around long enough, the player might be able to find a great exclusive bonus from one of these guide, information, or review websites.

What is an Exclusive Casino Bonus?

An exclusive casino bonus is a bonus that is found on a review, informational, or other online casino guide website. These sites pair with an online casino to provide the player with special codes that they can use with their first deposit (or when they create an account) at that particular online casino. Some sites are able to offer larger exclusive bonuses than others, so players should definitely look around the most popular casino guide and information websites before making a switch to a new online casino.

These bonuses are often in the form of a single dollar amount (or whatever currency the player users). Sometimes they are tied to the player’s first deposit, but others do not require a deposit. Some will increase the welcome deposit bonus instead of providing a separate bonus. Others use a matching bonus based on a deposit. Some online casinos even offer a deposit bonus and a higher matching rate for later deposits. Free spins or other types of credits are also common. The amounts vary by both the online casino and the website that provides the exclusive bonus. The player should be sure to verify the bonus with the online casino beforehand. It is possible that the exclusive bonus on that particular website is no longer valid, but the website has not taken it down yet.

Playing with Exclusive Casino Bonuses

The player must first navigate to a particular casino information or review website and browse through the options for exclusive casino bonuses. Of course, reviewing the other information that the site provides about games, the online casino itself, other bonus options, and valuable information like payout ratios will be helpful as well. Once the player has chosen a casino based on all of these variables, the website will usually list a link that the player must click on to redeem their bonus. This link is generally used instead of a bonus code so the player can prove to the online casino that they got the bonus through this exclusive location. Then, the player must usually create an account to have their bonus credited to them. These websites often list specific rules and regulations that the player must follow to redeem the bonus, so it will likely be useful to review this information as well.

Exclusive bonuses are a great way to take advantage of the full range of bonuses that the casino has to offer. Without this bonus, the player would still likely get their welcome bonus and other deposit bonuses, but these exclusive bonuses just sweeten the deal when choosing a new casino. Just be sure to shop around for the best exclusive deals and highest overall bonuses available.