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TTRPartners Affiliate Program



TTR Partners is an affiliate program for a wide range of online casino brands including Golden Lounge, 32Red Sport, NedPlay, Roxy Palace and Casino Splendido. The program is operated by 32 Sport Plc and allows affiliates to market the brands in different regions, excluding the USA and a few other countries. One of the reasons for the popularity of TTR Partners is the fact that it allows affiliates to market the brands and get paid per each brand promoted with no bundling of income over several brands. The program consists of a large variety of brands to promote and is considered as one of the top paying affiliate program with exceptionally high yields per player.

Ironically, there are no country restrictions on the affiliates, yet all of TTR Partners’ casinos don’t accept US players. This means that US-based affiliates have to market the brands in other countries, complete with legal disclaimers. As it were, the US remains the world’s largest economy and the amount of money spent on recreational stuff (including gambling) is relatively high. Unfortunately, affiliates will not be able to take advantage of that. Nonetheless, the rest of the world is pretty much catching up on the online gambling craze and the money making potential is huge.

Microgaming Casinos

If at all you’re planning on signing up as an affiliate, one of the things you need to know is that all the casinos under the program are powered by Microgaming and feature mostly Microgaming games. So you might want to familiarize yourself with the products first, if you’re not yet familiar with the games, that is. As it is, Microgaming Casinos are some of the most popular, which poses little to no marketing problems.

Dedicated Affiliate Managers

A group of experienced and knowledgeable Affiliate Managers are on call round the clock ready to answer any question(s) and/or help required. Also note that all the casinos under the program are owned and operated by 32 Sport Plc and affiliates can choose to market one, several or all of them. Basically, affiliates will be able to track their earnings through 32 Sport’s own software, NetRefer. The software is not only an income tracking tool but also a data analysis tool which enables comparisons between an affiliate’s past and present earnings.

Profit sharing ratios

Basically, as with any other affiliate program, TTRPartners operate on a profit sharing basis. That is, an affiliate is paid a certain percentage of the total profits they bring to the table. Note that the amount of revenue one brings in is not factored in the income calculation as there are a lot of other costs to consider. Thus, the amount of money an affiliate gets to keep equals the total revenue minus costs such as licensing fees, operating expenses and of course the payouts. Below is the TTRPartners profit sharing structure as at a while ago:

  • Affiliates who bring in profits worth £0 to £500 will receive 25% of the figure.
  • For £500 to £1500 profit figures, affiliates will get to keep 30% of the amount.
  • Affiliates who bring in more than £15,000 will receive a share of 35% of the total amount.

PS: For player refers, profit sharing is permanent.

All payments are made in GBP and some currency conversion charges may apply for affiliates outside the UK. Also, payments are made on or before the 7th of every month. Note that, depending on where you are and which bank you use, the balance could take a few days to reflect on your bank statement. Also, if you don’t receive your pay at the due date, it could be because your total earnings did not meet the minimum payment threshold and have thus been pushed to the next month. The minimum payment threshold, which varies from countries, is meant to take advantage of the low overall cost of sending huge payments compared to the high costs of sending lower amounts.


  • Has one of the highest yields per player in the industry.
  • A wide range of payment methods is supported.
  • No bundling of payments.
  • Easy to track payments and/or balances.


  • The number of brands (7) is pretty low and in most cases, translates to lower income.
  • Doesn’t accept US players which significantly reduces affiliate earnings from the lucrative American market.
  • NetRefer, the proprietary income tracking software, is not well known and may pose some challenges to new affiliates.
  • Payments are in GBP only and affiliates outside the UK may get lower sums due to different exchange rates.
  • Negative balances are carried over to the next month which, in a way, reduces the income in that month.

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