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United Commissions Program

United Commissions

United Commissions

United Commissions, as the name subtly suggests, is a casino affiliate marketing program that promotes three of the world’s top online casinos: Wicked Jackpots, MoonGames, and Vegas Spins Casinos. The casinos are hugely popular and feature a wide range of games from the best game developers such as NetEnt, 888 Eyecon, Barcrest, IGT, DragonFish, and WMS. The UK-regulated affiliate program promotes the three casinos in about every part of the world except, of course, the US – which has very strict internet gambling laws. United Commissions operates fully in compliance with UK Laws and is recommended for affiliates within (and even outside) the EU.

How United Commissions works

United Commissions, just like any other affiliate program, works on a revenue-sharing basis. There are quite a number of marketers under the program who are paid commissions depending on their contributions to the profit margin(s) of any or all of United Commissions’ casino brands. Each affiliate, as they are called, under United Commissions gets to keep a certain percentage of the profit they bring to any of the brands under United Commissions. It is worth noting that ‘profit’ here means the total player spending minus payouts and other costs such as licensing fees and cash backs. The program offers incentives to affiliates to motivate them to market the brands more. These come in form of revenue tiers which, like the First Time Depositors (FDD) tiers, increase the profits of affiliates who bring in more first depositors in a given month. Affiliates who have worked with United Commissions for some time qualify for the CPA module in which they will receive a one-off payment for each new player who signs up through their links and actually makes a deposit. Details of this arrangement vary with different affiliates and their relationship with United Commissions.

Commissions are based on monthly figures and are paid in full by the 25th of every month. For the payments to be processed, the commissions have to be more than £300 for affiliates outside the UK while for those in the UK, the minimum payment threshold is set at £150. If the threshold is not met, the payments will be processed in the next month.

Income Access Software

United Commissions incorporates Income Access Software to enable affiliate to keep track of their earnings right from day one. The software is internationally renowned and you can rest assured that the figures are presented exactly as they are, with no changes whatsoever. The software also generates customized reports which allow for a comparison of past and present revenue data. This is beneficial in that the affiliate gets to know which strategies give better results and which don’t. This way, they will be able to align their program to fit the most profitable strategy.

United Commissions Pros

There are no negative carryovers as every month begins on a clean slate. This helps a lot especially when the past month has been a ‘bad one’ so to speak. Note that negative balances are also not carried over to the new month.

The affiliates can make use of sub-affiliates – This reduces the affiliate’s workload in addition to giving the United Commission’s brands more

United Commissions feature an income tracking software by the name Income Access Software. The software allows affiliates to keep track of their earnings. It also enables them to keep track of the specific brand(s) which recorded good performance.

United Commissions Cons

US affiliates are not supported. This is not a huge disappointment as such since the gambling laws in the US are so strict that only a handful of casinos solicit for US-based players. That is however not an excuse and it would have been better if United Commissions met all the legal requirements for setting up shop in the greatest country on earth.

Payments are made via wire transfer only. Anybody who has been (un)lucky enough to receive money this way knows that it is the most inconvenient way to receive money. First, there is a lot of paperwork involved, particularly in identity verification. Then, it can take up to 5 working days for the payment to be processed. Simply put, while the affiliates will look forward to ‘payday’, they will most certainly lose their excitement before they receive their money.

United Commissions is based in the UK and sends payments to affiliates in GBP only. As such, affiliates in countries using a different currency may incur some currency conversion charges and/or different exchange rates. This may, in turn, affect their earnings.

Revenue is bundled across several brands which reduces profitability.