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Bitcoin Casino Deposit Method 2021

bitcoin Casino Logo

Bitcoin Deposits

Bitcoin is actually considered a type of currency, like Dollars or Euros. The difference is that it is an electronic currency, so there are no physical coins or paper money. Like other currencies, it has an exchange rate, but this rate fluctuates dramatically—sometimes even from hour to hour. Also unlike other currencies, it is not backed or associated with any type of bank or regulatory authority. That means it can be used worldwide by both businesses and individuals. There are no restrictions on who can use Bitcoins. The Bitcoin network carries out all Bitcoin transactions instead of going through a bank or other payment processing system. Here you can find all online casinos using bitcoin for deposit and withdrawals

List of Online Casinos Accepting Bitcoin

Bspin.io Casino Bspin.io Casino Logo
1 μBTC + 20 free Spins
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CryptoThrills Casino Crypto Thrills Casino logo
330% Match up to 1,000 mBTC
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BetOnline Casino BetOnline Casino
Up to $1000 Bonus
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Jackpot Capital Casino Jackpot Capital Casino Logo
100% + 100 Free Spins
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Mr Bit Casino Mr Bit Casino logo
100% Bonus + 50 free Spins
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Thebes Casino Thebes Casino
200% Bonus + 25 Free Spins
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Lebon Casino lebon Casino
100% Up to $10000
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Jackpot Wheel Casino Jackpot Wheel Casino Logo
200% up to $600 Bonus
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BTC Casino BTC Casino Logo
150% First Deposit Bonus
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Bitcoins are sold by cryptocurrency exchanges like binance, just like other currencies, or it can be bough from other people through the Bitcoin marketplaces like localbitcoins. The exchanges will probably offer better rates. Users can pay for them using a credit card or debit card, cash, or wire transfer. Credit card and Paypal payments may be a bit more difficult to use, but it is possible.

Because Bitcoins are a completely online currency, players will need to get a Bitcoin wallet before trying to purchase any Bitcoins. Although they are called “wallets,” they really function like a bank account to store your Bitcoins. There are various wallet options, and each wallet offers varying degrees of security to protect against fraud and misuse.

How to deposit with Bitcoins?

Once the player has created their Bitcoin wallet and obtained their Bitcoins, using Bitcoins at an online casino is relatively easy. However, not all casinos accept Bitcoins, so be sure that your favorite online casino will accept them before investing in them. There are also Bitcoin Casinos that use Bitcoins as the only payment method. If the player is not at one of these online casinos that use Bitcoin exclusively, then their Bitcoins will likely be converted to the local currency before the online casino will issue any credits. That being said, timing is important for using Bitcoins because they may be more valuable one day than the next. Try to anticipate fluctuations so you can get the most out of the Bitcoins in a non-Bitcoin exclusive online casino.

In Bitcoin casinos, the user just has to enter their Bitcoin Address and state what they would like to deposit. In “hybrid” casinos, the player will need to select Bitcoin as their desired deposit method first. Then the transaction becomes just like the Bitcoin exclusive casinos. A player’s Bitcoin address is 34 to 36 characters long and is really the only thing the player needs to tell the casino to deposit the funds. The transactions are usually instant, which is a huge plus for players who want to get back into the game quickly.

Advantages of Using Bitcoin

Bitcoins are a great way to keep a player’s “real” funds away from their gambling funds. Players purchase bitcoins with their “real” money or flat currency and then begin a completely separate Bitcoin account. It is also a great way to remain anonymous at the online casino. Players do not have to share their bank account or credit card information with the online casino; they only have to provide their Bitcoin address to make a deposit.

Disadvantages of Using Bitcoin

One of the major drawbacks of Bitcoins is the price fluctuations that occur fairly frequently. Generally, one of the benefits of a currency is that its value stays relatively stable over time. Bitcoin does not have this advantage, and that is especially troublesome at online casinos that accept both Bitcoins and other currencies because the player is susceptible to the online casino’s exchange rate at that particular time. Online casinos that only use Bitcoins aren’t as susceptible to this type of problem because no exchange takes place. As Bitcoins grow in popularity, the currency fluctuations are expected to decrease.

Another disadvantage is that many online casinos do not accept this payment method as of this writing. However, there are several Bitcoin-only online casinos, and they are increasing in popularity. Another potential disadvantage is that sometimes it is difficult to find a location that sells Bitcoins. However, once a player finds a Bitcoin vendor or exchange of their choice, they can keep going back and continue to exchange Bitcoins and other currencies.