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21GNET Casino Software

21GNET Casinos


If you are one of those players that loves to gamble online, but hates that this removes the social aspect of the experience, you will be happy to find out that the online tournaments hosted by 21GNET are back.

Top 21GNET Casino List: 2021

None to show!

21GNET takes normal internet gaming experiences and makes them way better. These guys are the best at what they do, and what they do best is adapting already existing casino solutions and their websites to blackjack tournament options that allows a nuanced and multiplayer experience.

They offer support for all of their products and they can vouch for their feature’s efficiency and functionality.

21GNET Casinos

21GNET is probably the biggest company that offers such as service and they have often been described as “The Next Real Deal” in the online gambling market because they offer their associates a marketing tool that is interactive.

21 GNET Software

Their platform innovates and further develops an already existing reputable tech. 21 GNET Software’s servers are all created in the newest version of JAVA and they have the capability of hosting tens of thousands of users at the same time.

21 GNET’s software is compatible with both Windows and Linux and they are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with their web based products. Products that are very well received by gamblers everywhere.

There is also room for innovation in the mobile market, 21 GNET Software have announced of tons of features that will be compatible with this platform.

They offer their customers a lot of features from 30 world renowned brands of all tables and they are accessible around the clock. They include multi and single table formats and many other big ticket promotions. Sit-n-Go’s offer or multiple-tournaments are wonderful options for punters or they can go with the multi tournament blackjack option that will allow them to meet players from around the world, live.

If you are a regular player, they will gift you with points which can be later used to get further wins in blackjack tournaments. They even go as far as to host special tournaments for Loyalty and victory points. So every customer should keep an eye out for any update on these promotions, because they may have a chance to win big money this way. They also offer their users a chat tool that is fully customizable.

Fairness / Security

Their support service is excellent, with skilled professionals just standing by and waiting to solve your problems. In order to increase security, they have also installed 128 bit SSL security to make your data unreadable to those with foul intent.

21GNET can also guarantee non stop excellent internet connectivity for anyone using their service because of the multitude of upstream providers.

The best possible API systems and web services are used to facilitate and verify any financial transaction that goes on. They will release a financial report every 4 weeks and if that’s not enough for you, they also have a back office tool which allows the user to check up on his personal financial history.

They login and verification systems are also the best, so you can rest easy that your account is safe. Their platform supports both a flash instant version and a downloadable one. All of this while maintaining the best possible standard of security. They introduce top notch transaction motorization tools to keep things as fair as possible.

For any lover of blackjack tournaments, their software is a must have.