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Tradologic Casinos

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Tradologic is the elite level software provider which offers its clients the most suitable software for their business. Their technological advancements are, by far, unmatched. In the field of trading and marketing, Tradologic is seen as a pioneer with its flawless software and technology.

With immense success, it was necessary to maintain their quality and business reputation, and to do that, Tradologic came up with various and innovative ideas which would not only provide their customers with easily manipulated software but also help them keep their business maintained.

IT Professionals / Software Engineers

Tradologic is known for its Fintech software. They manage one of the largest IT departments in the world. As said by themselves and proven by their work, Tradologic strives to strengthen their relationship with their customers by advancing in their technology every moment. They hire world’s best IT professionals and software engineers. These professionals are responsible for the innovation and technological advancements which results in the state of the art software and technology provided to the customers.

Their latest software and tools resulted in such success that they were recognized by various expos and trade shows. Their tools are created with simplicity to give the user an easy and understandable experience. Even with beginner experience, their software and tools take little or no time to master. The reason behind this is their fast API which can be fluidly integrated into the operators’ system without consuming time.

“TRADOLOGIC’s success is based on our commitment to excellence through full collaboration and goal-oriented interaction with our clients”


Their products are their jewels. Tradologic, to satisfy its customers, helps them by developing the software based on the users’ skill level.

Forex is one of their prime examples. This software gathers everything a broker needs into one place which makes it easier for the broker to manage their investments while also consuming less time. This is a versatile FOREX and CFDs trading platform for any trader, beginner to expert. To make things easier, Forex comes with “Multi-language Education” so the users can easily understand and operate this software in their own language. Along with the fast execution of orders and investments, Forex comes with dynamic market updates accompanied by an order book management feature that manages all the orders by the trader.

To help the beginner traders new in the market grow their business, Tradologic came up with an idea; SimpleX. This software can be easily integrated with any other trading platform. The feature which gives it its name is the simple and easy interface which comes with nothing less than a guide for the traders. It also makes sure that the user feels secure while trading with its improved security feature.

Another of their best games is the MetaTrader 5. It allows you to trade on various platforms like Forex, stocks, futures, CFDs. The reason it is different from other software is it comes with a comprehensive price analysis and intelligent use of algorithmic trading applications.

Portfolio Management is much like their other software except that it allows the user to build their own customized portfolio and the ability to invest in different platforms. They are yet to come with a new and game-changing idea i.e. the Crowd Funding which will be released soon and will contain lots of new and exceptional features.

Download/ Instant Play?

Since the software provided by Tradologic is very limited, you cannot access the demo right away. For that, they require your information, and then you can choose whichever software you want to use. This makes sure their software is not used by hackers or fraud for their own benefits.

Constant Auditing

Their software is regularly audited by the officials to ensure the investments and the trading is secure and not a victim of any fraud or theft, providing maximum security.