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How to Play Craps for Beginners

If you ever wanted to learn the game of craps, you have stumbled into the right place. Craps is one of the most popular casino games on the entire planet. The nature of the game is such that you have to be on your toes at every moment. Craps is a fast-paced game. Moreover, if you know the basics of the game, getting a handle of craps will not be daunting.

History of Craps

It is important to know the history as the the rules of craps in order to appreciate it to the fullest. Likewise, the game of craps has a lot of heritage associated with it. Knowing the history of craps might not help you to win, but it certainly makes for some fun conversation around the table. Craps is a fun group game. So, conversing with fellow players at the table will help you to socialize. Similarly, it will also enhance your experience of playing this wonderful game. Craps started its journey in the medieval era. An English nobleman invented the game Hazard in 1125 during the era of the Crusades. It was meant to keep the troops entertained during battle. The early version of Craps required players to bet on the outcome of the roll of a dice. But that’s where the similarities between the modern-day Craps and the medieval era Hazard ended.

When the 17th century started, craps began to be adopted across most gambling houses in Europe. This game entered the shores of the United States of America when French colonists started playing them in their settlements. Surprisingly, it took the dawn of the 20th century to bring wholesale changes to the game of craps. An American manufacturer named John H. Winn altered the rules so that players could bet either with or against the shooter.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Craps

Craps is massively popular in casinos all around the world. Because it is typically played by a small group of friends that wager their money together, Craps develop a sense of togetherness. Once you start the game of craps, remember to not pass your turn more than once. Even though you are allowed to pass the turn, someone has to start rolling the dice for the game to begin. Instead of passing up your turn, try and enjoy the game and take risks.

Tip the dealers at your table. Although you are not obligated to do so, it is important to keep your dealers happy. Even though you may have to tip your dealers while going through a losing streak, it is important to carry out such etiquette.

In the event that your dice is not in the middle of the table, avoid betting. Late bets are frowned upon. In order to keep everyone at the table happy, always bet after the dice are in the middle of the table.

How to play Craps

Craps has a statistical edge of 1.41 percent. With this in mind, you are likely to collect 99 cents for every dollar you wager. For the purpose of enjoying these odds, always practice caution. It is also important to place smart bets. In order to get comfortable, play for a few hours and get a hang of the dealer and what the best bets are.

Pass Line

The Pass Line is a commonly used space in the table of Craps and it extends all the way around the table. This line is meant for the players who are betting on the shooter’s side. There is also a Don’t Pass Bar demarcated on the table which is meant for the players who are betting against the shooter’s side. The Pass Line is in play at the beginning of a Craps game during the first role of the dice. Likewise, this round is called the ‘come out roll’. As a matter of fact, before every come out roll, players can place bets and win money if the dice roll in their favor.

The Come Bet

Similarly to the Pass Line, the Come Bet has the same regulations. Moreover, the only difference is that the Come Bet can be played in two rounds. The first round has both the Pass Line and the Come Bet placed as the same bet. If the dice roll happens to be 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, the bet will move to the applicable number on the table. Consequently, the bet will stay there until the Come Bet is either won or lost. Furthermore, there is also a Don’t Come Bet which functions similarly to the Don’t Come Bet.


Every player in front of the Craps table has an area demarcated as ‘Field’. This is where players bet on the featured numbers. Likewise, players place one-roll bets in the Field area.


‘Place’ is where players place bets on a specific number to be rolled. You can also bet against a specific number being rolled and the Place box is where you do it.


Craps has a thing called ‘hard way bet’ where players bet that 4, 6, 8, or 10 will be rolled as a pair. This is one of the riskiest bets at the game of Craps with very high winnings.

One Roll Bets

Similar to Hardway bets, One Roll Bets are risky yet very rewarding. It is a bet on the very next roll of the dice. Likewise, players place One Roll Bets like “an eight will be thrown as two fours before a seven” in the latter area.

Craps is a fun game to play with friends and colleagues. Once you play a couple of practice rounds and get a hang of the rules and regulations of the game, you will start enjoying the game. It is important to take your time while playing the game of Craps.

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