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 History of Chinese game of Keno


Keno is a famous game in today’s casinos and online platforms. It has a history that crosses centuries and continents. The game evolved from ancient China to become a 21st-century favourite. This journey shows a mix of culture, luck, and innovation. In this article, we explore Keno’s beginnings, changes, and its status today. We will see how Keno has endured over time. And how it still attracts players all over the world.

Origins in Ancient China

Keno’s story starts in ancient China, around 200 BC, during the Han Dynasty. According to legend, Keno’s creation was linked to funding government projects. One such project was building the Great Wall of China. Originally, the game was called ‘白鹅票’ (Bái ē piào), meaning “white pigeon ticket.” It was a mix of lottery and guessing. Players chose characters from a large set. These were usually from “The Thousand Character Classic,” a famous Chinese poem. In its early days, Keno helped fund state projects. It also became a popular game among the Chinese people.

The migration of Chinese workers and immigrants in the 19th century marked the beginning of Keno’s journey beyond its homeland. As these immigrants settled in different parts of the world, particularly in the United States, they brought their cherished game with them. This cultural exchange laid the groundwork for Keno’s international journey, adapting and evolving as it interacted with new cultures and players.

Keno’s Journey to the West

Keno’s arrival in the United States signalled a significant transformation in its gameplay and presentation. Initially referred to as the “Chinese Lottery,” the game underwent modifications to appeal to a broader audience. In the early 20th century, to circumvent gambling laws, Keno operators replaced the traditional Chinese characters with numbers, making the game more accessible and understandable to non-Chinese players. This change marked a pivotal shift, transforming Keno into a form more recognizable to today’s players.

This transition period also witnessed the renaming of the game to “Keno,” a derivation possibly influenced by French or Latin terms for five winning numbers. As the game settled in its new American environment, it gradually lost its ethnic markers, evolving into a mainstream lottery-style game.

Keno in Modern Times

Keno’s legal acceptance in Nevada casinos in the 1930s marked its official entry into the world of legalized gambling. The legalization coincided with the rapid development of gaming technology. The game evolved from being manually operated to incorporating computerized systems, significantly enhancing its efficiency and appeal. This technological transition facilitated Keno’s spread across casinos in the United States and, later, around the world.

The advent of the internet era further revolutionized Keno, making it accessible on online platforms. Online Keno offered players the convenience of enjoying the game from their homes, with various digital enhancements enriching the playing experience. This digital leap contributed significantly to Keno’s enduring popularity, appealing to a new generation of players and keeping the ancient game relevant in the modern digital landscape.

Keno: A Cultural and Economic Impact

Keno’s journey through history is not just a tale of a game’s evolution; it’s a story of cultural integration and economic contribution. The game’s adaptability has allowed it to become a part of different cultures, reflecting a unique blend of history and entertainment. Economically, Keno has contributed significantly to the gaming industry, both in traditional and online platforms. Its simple yet engaging format offers a unique gaming experience, differing from other lottery-style games by its pace and the player’s ability to choose their level of engagement and risk.

Keno’s impact extends beyond mere entertainment. It has become a cultural artifact, representing a journey of adaptation and survival through centuries of social and technological changes. The game’s blend of luck and strategy continues to attract a diverse range of players, making it a unique and enduring component of the global gaming culture.

Playing Keno Today: Tips and Strategies

For those intrigued by Keno’s rich history and keen to try their luck, the game is readily accessible in both online platforms and physical casinos. Tips for playing Keno include choosing a reputable gaming site or establishment, understanding the odds, and deciding on a betting strategy that suits your playing style. Above all, the emphasis should be on responsible gaming, where fun and entertainment remain the primary goals.


From its humble beginnings in ancient China to its current status as a popular game in casinos and online platforms, Keno’s journey through time is a testament to its enduring appeal. As we’ve explored its fascinating history, we’ve seen how Keno has adapted and thrived, mirroring changes in society and technology.

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