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Baccarat Casino Online

Baccarat Casino Online

Want to feel like you’re on the Riviera without ever leaving your home? Then take whirl at the online Baccarat table. It is a sophisticated game of chance that’s fun and easy to play.

Baccarat is a great game to learn online, without the intimidating ambiance of a land-based Baccarat room where sophisticated and trendy characters engage in a game they know all too well. You can become familiar with the ins and outs of this great game online with ease and enjoy it for as low as a $2.00 wager to a $500 bet.

GamblingICB is the perfect site to learn all about Baccarat’s odds, rules and strategies. You can do so at your own pace, without anyone judging you and for as low as two dollars a bet. (At many land-based casinos the minimum Baccarat wager is $500!)

At GamblingICB, we don’t want you to be intimidated. We want you to have fun! And Baccarat is certainly fun to play. This relatively simple game is based on point totals derived from the cards that are held by you and the dealer.

In Baccarat, tens and face cards have no value. An ace is worth one point, while two through nine are worth their numerical value. In Baccarat, you are attempting to come as close as you can to a point total of nine. Although similar to Blackjack, you can’t go bust in this game. If you draw a six and a five, you won’t have 11, you’ll be holding one. Yes, chances are you will lose with a point total of one, but you’re still in the game.

We’ll teach you to play mini-baccarat at infocasinobonus. Mini-baccarat has all of the excitement of Baccarat without the high stakes. Simply click here to play this internationally loved game at GamblingICB