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Baccarat Games Online

Baccarat Games Online

Baccarat is a fast, fun game that’s easily learned and great to play online. In this table game, the Player and Banker duel, and as in Blackjack, whoever possesses the most points at the end of a hand wins. However, unlike Blackjack, there is no going bust in Baccarat. Also, Baccarat scores range from zero to nine, with nine being the best possible hand.

The game treats all tens as zeros. When your point total reaches ten, you revert back to zero. Tens, Jacks, Queens and Kings are all worth zip. An ace is equal to one point, with all other cards being equal to their face value. Thus a two is two points, a three is worth three, etc.

You may place one of three wagers on a Baccarat hand. Bet on the Banker and win and you get 1:1, with 5% deducted for the house. Gamble on the Player to be victorious and you’ll get a payoff of 1:1. Wager that the two will tie and if they do, you get a whopping 9:1. Those odds are large because a tie is rare and impossible to predict in Baccarat.

In standard games of Baccarat, the shoe is passed after each hand with each person getting the chance to be the banker. When playing Mini-Baccarat, the dealer usually doesn’t change.

As in Blackjack, there are regulations regarding when someone must stand. For the dealer, it’s when their first two cards total between seven and nine. The Player stands on anything between six and nine and draws when holding zero to five. If you become the dealer, remember that you can’t stand at six. When playing Mini-Baccarat, you’re not concerned with that aspect since the dealer never changes.

You can learn how to play Mini-Baccarat at infocasinobonus. In a few minutes, you’ll know how to wager, when to stand and how to win. Simply click here to be directed to infocasinobonus.