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Interactive Gaming Council

Interactive Gaming Council

IGC logoThe council for interactive gaming known as the IGC, was first founded back in 1996. In the year 2000 it has moved from its residence in the US to Canada. This is a trade alliance that is a non profit organization, and they represent the industry for interactive gaming everywhere. And the online casino business can be considered a vital component for the interactive gaming scene as a whole. Most online casino machinist are affiliated with the IGC, and their websites can be seen sporting the IGC logo. The IGC wants to make sure that both the player and the casino itself will have the best experience possible and that both of them will be faced with a reliable and just gaming environment.

It deals with the practice of responsible and just conduct in the online gambling industry with its trademark selfishness. Given this fact, one of its most important goals is to increase reliable strategy performs in order to increase the buoyancy of the players when it comes to online services and products. In consequence, the entire online industry will have something to gain if these rules are strictly followed and respected. They have taken many actions towards these goals.There is a code of ethics that the entire IGC must follow to the letter.

The vital issues written here are about the integrity of the operator himself, the guarding and safety of data, and the solving of conflicts according to the code of conduct. There are many establishment that follow this code and if you want to know more, a summarized version of it may be found on their web page. Their goals are to reach reliability, courtesy and candor. The IGC encourages specific Responsible Gambling Strategies that pushes forward the training of members to handle all problems and how some of their affiliate partners can help players and give them more info.

They also extend a helping hand through their website. Their guide for beginners is one of the most comprehensive guides out there, and it is a must read for new players just joining in. Sadly, new players do not have any knowledge about this guide, it requiring more promotion. It classifies all the information that a new player needs to know when making an account and what advantages and drawback may be waiting for them. A requisite scan for every customer can also be found on the IGC WEB PAGE. I am talking of course about the helping hand program. It is designed to prevent and help troubled gambling patterns

One of the most important features of the ICG, as far as the casino itself is concerned, is to be an advocate for their public policy.They have been a leading voice in the fight against unfair legislation in both the United States and Europe, and they have employed every resource available towards this goal.