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In a casino, a blank Keno ticket is simply marked with your chosen figures using the Keno crayon. The ticket is then presented to the Keno desk along with your bet and a duplicate Keno ticket will be provided by the teller. From a barrel holding 80 numbered balls, 20 numbered balls will be randomly drawn after a couple of minutes. You will become the Keno winner if enough of your chosen Keno numbers are drawn. Throughout the casino, Keno boards display the results.

A Keno race is one round of a Keno game. To attract players to wager more, multi-race Keno is featured in most casinos and a player can enter several consecutive Keno races at one time. .

Traditionally, game of Keno is played using 20 balls and an 80-numbered ticket. Keno is similar to that of a standard lottery. On the ticket, 1-15 spots are marked by the Keno player. The player gets paid by the bet he chooses and also according to the numbers on the balls that roll out. This article explains the 5 different ways to bet on a Keno ticket. You may opt to play using the same spots or pick new spots on the ticket after each Keno game. As marks are placed, several options for Keno betting are enabled but on any one game no more than 15 spots are allowed.


Once you mark at least one spot on the Keno ticket, the “bet” option is enabled. If one or more of your chosen numbers roll out on the balls, you get paid in Keno.

Bet Against

Once you have marked at least 8 spots on the Keno tickets, the “bet against” option is enabled. In Keno, this means that you will get paid if the numbers you have selected will not show up on the balls.

Catch All

With 2 to 7 spots marked on the Keno ticket, the “catch all” option can be played. If all the numbers that you have chosen will roll out of the Keno balls, you will get paid.

High Roller

Once you mark at least one spot on the Keno ticket, the “high roller” option is enabled. It is almost similar to the “straight bet” option. However, the schedule for payoff is different. In order to get paid, you have to catch more spots. What’s good about this type of bet in Keno is the fact that you get greater payoffs.

Top or Bottom

The “top or bottom” option is the one and only Keno option which is enabled before you even mark the Keno ticket at the start of the game. To enable this option in a Keno game, the only thing that needs to be done is to place you bet. What you are betting on is the top or bottom part of the Keno ticket getting fewer spots compared to the opposite part. You will get paid depending on how great the difference will be.

The rules in Keno are uncomplicated. It is a very exciting game and a fairly small wager is all that a player needs to get a chance to win large payouts.

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