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Mega Fortune Jackpot nears €3 million

NetEnt’s Mega Fortune Jackpot hits a near €3 million

For any true fan who can be termed as a casino player, moments of joy may be rare but when they come, they can be overwhelming. In the casino world, progressive slots have been known for the excitement they create. Being the most played type of slots, be it online or in casinos around the world, they are also known for their high level of risk. The high risk of losing in the game does not mean people do not play and win. This is why in just a single spin, just close to €3 Million was claimed by the winner of the NetEnt’s Mega Fortune Jackpot in July 2016 taking a prize in a slot that previously held a world record for the largest jackpot in history.

The Craze of a big win

When this winning was announced, the players of this game went crazy all around the world. The lucky lass won to achieve what most casino players have been looking to do all their life. Looking keenly into the fuss around this win, one can see that envy comes first. This is not the usual casino win. It is a big win; the figure being exactly €2,971,469.49. Well, the NetEnt’s Mega Fortune Jackpot was the world’s largest jackpot.

The jackpot luck and fortune

The six-figure win that got hit by this lucky soul was a contribution from the thousands of players who keep on trying their luck in this game. This particular jackpot is unique in its own way. For the six-figure to be raised, several casinos of NetEnt pool together their jackpot bets that see the final figure grow with every additional wager. The one player that gets to win the figure is lucky in a big way but their win leaves a bad impact in the pockets of the otherwise unwilling contributors to his overall amount.

This NetEnt’s Mega Fortune Jackpot was actually not the biggest amount that the slot has seen in recent times. A couple was in the recent past been lucky to walk away with, a slightly fatter jackpot in a different variety of a slot known as the “Mega Fortune Dreams.” As if that is not enough, the present jackpot is almost hitting the €4.6 million mark. These heavy figures come at a price of increased volatility.

How players survive the game

A way to go through the high volatility while one plays in this big game has been reducing the allowed amounts for single bets and at the same time increase the number and frequency of making the bets. This is a matter of probability. The more the number of bets the more the chances of getting lucky. These kinds of bets are facilitated by the freedom given by the €0.01 to €0.5 to €5 options of slot size bets. This is very appropriate for all players who want to take part in this probable large win.

The jackpot has seen growth in both amounts and style over the years since its introduction., there is always more of losing than winning in this progressive game. The spirit of playing is kept alive by the dream of winning big one day. The progress in this jackpot is also bewildering and the next winner is still going to walk away with more. It is never defined who the winner will be. Who knows? You may be the one.

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