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Online Bingo, How its Played and the Future

With 60 million total players and a revenue generation of $10 billion in the US alone, Online Bingo has broken every record and taken the online gaming industry by storm. Armed with this data, it is safe to say that internet bingo is the fastest-growing online game at present. And above all, Online Bingo is downright engaging, of course, how do you think it soared to such heights?

Only a novice or a fresh-faced gamer can ask, “What is online bingo?”. But, rest assured this article will discuss Online Bingo in-depth, and by the end, you’ll be able to understand Online Bingo better.

So, What Is Online Bingo?

The name says it all, online bingo is like traditional bingo, only it’s played online. And like brick and mortar bingo, online bingo, the winner is often rewarded with prizes and jackpots. Still, despite the similarities, online bingo has been unable to completely replicate the brick-and-mortar experience of traditional bingo. The dissimilarities stem from the fact that rather than the balls used in bingo halls, online bingo works using a random number generator.

What is the random number generator (RNG)?

A random number generator works on algorithms and its job is to generate a random set of numbers. You can download it on your smartphones, mobile tablets or even desktop computers. Do you know what it means? Outward sources create these generators which negate any chance of manipulating the results.

How does a random number generator work?

Say, for example, you are playing a 90-ball bingo. Each ball already has a value and the random number generator comes up with 90 distinct results, which are then compared with the numbers called. As the game moves on, the number keeps on getting generated and the player removes the numbers that are already called.

How To Play Online Bingo?

First of all, to play online Bingo you’ll need a modern device and a reliable internet connection. Other than that, it’s somewhat like the regular bingo game.

Each player gets three cards for each game, which generally appear in the bingo board. These cards are consist of numbers that the player eliminates by clicking on them. Bingo has various incarnations – 90 Ball bingo is popular in the UK, while the people in the US prefer 75 Ball bingo.

In all the versions, the card entails grids and columns consisting of random numbers which the gamer strikes off according to the number RNG generates. In some versions, the grids and columns are completely filled while in some a few grids and columns remain unfilled. The players continue to strike off the numbers until they complete a complete horizontal, vertical or diagonal line.

Another variation is full house bingo, in which the player eliminates all the given numbers in the card which results in a jackpot.

History Of Online Bingo?

Experts believe that Bingo dates all the way back to 16th century Italy, yet, some historians suggest that bingo actually began in the US somewhere around 1929 as a game called “beano”. There is another interesting tale behind how the name “bingo” became popular when it was actually named “beano”. If the rumors are anything to go by when amidst the flurry and excitement, people sat down to play “beano” for the first time, someone by mistake hollered “Bingo”. Edwin S. Lowe, a toy seller overhearing this decided that “Bingo” is actually more relatable and catchy than “beano”, and the rest is history.

Its savvier online version came out in 1996. And contrary to the inaccurate belief that Online Bingo might become obscure or not live up to the greatness of regular bingo, everyone can witness how Online Bingo has belied every such notion. In fact, many surveys show that playing bingo is the favorite pastime for women in the UK, that too between the age group of 20 and 25.

Is Online Bingo Legal?

While other gambling games continue to feel the brunt of law and regulations, but since Online Bingo is a game of chance or luck, it has been able to sidestep any stringent laws. In fact, people view it as a different game altogether and the judiciary doesn’t even treat it as a casino game, so, it requires a separate license. The fact that Online Bingo doesn’t have to feel the brunt of laws might also be one reason for its thriving success.

Future Of Online Bingo?

The studies show that the last five years saw a 22% rise in mobile bingo players. Looking at the prescient statistics, it is hard to deny that Online Bingo will continue to grow at a vigorous pace because its players are not looking for a temporary high like other casino games. In fact, experts claim that people feel nostalgic while playing light, simple and tension-free games like Bingo. The only difference is that now it is online which makes it even more fascinating. So, this fascination is unlikely to die soon, if anything, it is likely to flourish even more. Another factor that might predict Bingo’s success is that it gives everyone an equal chance to win.

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