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Roulette Strategy

Predicting the outcome of this popular game played with a wheel and a marble, Roulette Strategy Tips are certainly not carved in granite – they are more likely impressed in Jello because there are no absolutes. There are, however, many people who believe they have figured out a system on beating the Roulette Wheel, and these will be discussed here – just remember that there are never any guarantees.

Roulette is played with a marble, a slotted wheel, and a Croupier who tosses the ball onto the spinning wheel. For the American version there are 38 slots in the wheel, while the European version has 37 – there’s a hint in this which will be covered later. When the marble drops into one of the slots, if any player put their bet on that number, they win the game, if not it’s simple – they lose.

Better Odds

Think about the number of slots on the American wheel, with 38, versus the European with 37, the odds are actually a little better with the European version. The European wheel has the numbers zero through 36 while the American wheel has the same numbers plus a “00” slot. So when given a choice, the American wheel bestows the house somewhat better odds. There are also odds tables that help new players figure out the probability of winning based on the type of bet.

Casino Strategies

So there may be no “piece of cake” for winning the game; however, there are some tips when placing the bets. The intention of the house is that there is no control over where the marble lands on the wheel, and it’s completely random in every toss.

When a “Surrender” imperative is allowed in the casino, if the marble lands on one of the “0” slots, the player can retrieve one-half of their “even number” bets. This means, the players would only lose half of their bet, and it’s typically allowed in the casinos that reside in Atlantic City.

There’s also an “En Prison” edict that concerns with the “0” slots. With this decision when the marble lands on the zero, the bet can be retained for an additional spin, so there is a greater possibility of winning on the second spin, increasing the player’s odds.

Common Betting Recommendations

There are many theories for the Roulette Strategy Tips that the cheat sheets on probabilities consistently give better odds. However, this theory is as accurate as predicting the next slot in which the marble falls. The wheel has no memory of where the marble previously landed, nor is it capable of calculating which slot will be the most random for the next spin.


Since many Roulette Strategy Tips are based on mathematical probabilities and computation, there are several books written concerning predicted conclusions. However, no matter the theory, the outcome of the spin is simply the luck of the draw – or in this case the luck of the spin. It has always been a game of chance, and luck rather than tactics and strategies as other popular games.

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