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Cash Back Casinos & Bonuses

Understanding CashBack Casinos & Bonuses

Understanding CashBack Casinos & Bonuses

Understanding CashBack Casinos & Bonuses

Cash back casino bonuses are one of the few bonuses that are given to current players instead of trying to attract new players. In brick and mortar casinos, the casino itself sometimes gives gifts to their best customers like meals and room upgrades, but that practice is much harder to do at an online casino (although some online casinos award things like vacations). So, online casinos had to think of another way to reward their loyal customers. This bonus is geared toward accomplishing that goal.

Cash back casino bonuses are sometimes offered as part of VIP program or to all of the online casino’s customers; it will depend on the online casino’s policies. The cash back award is provided periodically, and most casinos will provide it once every week, every few weeks, or every month on a certain date. Instead of “cash,” they can also be in the form of additional playing time for certain types of games, such as awarding the player a certain number of free spins instead of cash back.

There may also be restrictions on the specific games that the cash back award will apply to or they may list a few types of games where the cash back award will not work (like blackjack, for example). Be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully and thoroughly when attempting to use cash back bonuses.

What is a CashBack Casino?

A cash back casino bonus is a kind of loyalty program that encourages players to keep gambling, even after they have lost. This is because the amount of cash back that the player earns is directly connected to the amount of money that they have lost. Usually, the cash back award is a percentage of the money that the player has lost at that online casino over a specific period of time. Generally, the percentage amount is usually between 5 percent and 20 percent, but some sites may offer a higher percentage. Those that do, however, often require that the amount the player bet must be higher to earn the higher percentage. Some online casinos will limit the amount of cashback a player can “earn” as well.

At All Slots Casino, for example, they provide a cashback bonus of 10 percent, and it tops out at $450. All jackpots casino has a 10 percent cashback option up to $350 (or Euros). Then, Always Vegas Casino offers a cashback option of 25 percent with no maximum limit. Clearly the bonus varies quite a bit depending on the online casino that the player uses. Some online casinos also offer a tiered cash back program that is directly connected to their VIP program. Check with the particular online casino of your choice for their specific bonus availability.

Playing with CashBack Bonus

Using the cash back casino bonus will vary depending on the casino. For example, some online casinos will automatically enter the player into the cash back program and that player does not have to do anything to get their cash back bonus. Other casinos require that the player be in the VIP program to start earning rewards. Still others force the player to track their own potential bonus and specifically request their cashback amount from customer service after a certain period has ended.

Like most bonus programs, many online casinos have a wagering requirement before the player can actually withdraw their bonus. That means that the player must bet the bonus so many times before the player is allowed to withdraw the bonus amount. Sometimes this wagering requirement applies to any winnings that the player won with the bonus money as well. This requirement will vary depending on the casino, so players should look over the terms and conditions carefully when earning and using their cash back casino bonus.

Cashback programs are great for those who spend a lot of money at online casinos, but generally they are for the unlucky. While it is a nice benefit, it is almost always more fun to win money than get a part of the funds lost back. Of course, getting this bonus makes losing a little less painful!