Why We Love gambling (And You Should, Too!)

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Why We Love gambling (And You Should, Too!)

It is really irritating when critics go out of their way to create the illusion that gambling is a vice. For us here, and to many gambling lovers, that’s as untrue as it can get. We look at gambling as a hobby, just like ordinary people view cycling and playing/watching soccer. For Christ’s sake, how different is playing roulette with 50 dollars from buying tickets to a football game and buying soda and candy for the same amount? Gambling $50 has greater chances of earning you more than $100 in a night than watching a movie at your local cinema has of giving value for your money. Life is all about winning and losing, and gambling is no different. Some nights you lose and others you win even bigger amounts which actually compensate for your losses. If you’re even half good, you can make profits of over 300 dollars in a week. This is many times more than you can get for a regular job.

Gambling Embodies Risk-Taking, Just Like In Business.

“Oh, but gambling is risking your money,” the critics say. But isn’t starting a business or investing in the stock market risky? When will everyone understand that only the bold risk-takers succeed in life. You cannot prosper if you’re afraid of taking a leap of faith towards your goal. Ask any gambler you know and they’ll tell you that few things are as thrilling and adrenaline pumping as gambling is. The tense moments of waiting to know if you’ve won that Blackstrap hand cannot be equaled by watching any movie out there. This is why we love gambling, the unpredictability, the thrill of it, and of course the possibility of winning big money.

Gambling Addiction Is An Addiction Just Like Any Other

Then there is the addiction issue that gets thrown at our faces when we come out as gambling lovers. Of course, it is addictive, like pretty much everything else in life. There are alcohol addicts, sex addicts, heck there’s even masturbation addicts. Why is it that gambling is seen as more dangerous than all those things? Just to be clear, we are not against any of the mentioned things, if it gets you going, do it! And while at it we should also be left to gamble to our heart’s contentment. That does not mean that we take gambling addiction lightly, no we don’t. What we’re saying is that if nobody calls for alcohol to be banned just because a few people have addictions, why should it be different from gambling? In fact, alcohol kills more people in a year than gambling does in ten years.

The Life Lessons We Can Learn From Gambling

What we love about gambling is that apart from adding to your bank account, it is also a learning experience. Many business lessons, such as bankroll management can be learned from gambling. A gambler can make a brilliant entrepreneur as he’s not afraid of taking risks. Because most times than not, and if the right strategy is used, great risks bring great rewards. So, instead of sitting there looking at a $100 bill and asking yourself what will happen if you hit up a casino and play a few hands of Blackstrap with it, go to the casino and SEE what will happen! Start having an optimistic attitude towards gambling and it will transform your overall attitude towards life in general. Instead of asking “what if I lose?”, start looking at the possibilities and ask yourself “what if I win?”

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