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Diamond Dragon Slot By Rival Gaming

Cafe Casino New Rival Slot Game Diamond Dragon

Cafe Casino New Rival Slot Game Diamond Dragon

Cafe Casino New Rival Slot Game Diamond Dragon

May be you are now wondering why dragons are so angry. The reason is quite clear in Rival Gaming’s latest release, Diamond Dragon. Dragons are very angry because knights continue to show up. They are continuously showing up trying to steal diamonds belonging to the fire breathers. Even though the business is very risky, the reward for taking the risk is very tempting. The reward is a jackpot of $3,125 which you could win. A lot of bonus features are loaded on to the game. They greatly assist in raising your chances of becoming the one who takes the big jackpot home.

First Things First

At the outset, an attention grabbing free spins mode is what the game first provides. You get ten free spins when you gather three scatters, gather four scatters and you get twenty free spins while, five scatters get you fifty. In addition, the wild symbol, which we shall be discussing in just a moment, offers you a higher hitting chance when the game is in the free spins mode. The wild symbol pops up on all the number 1, 2, and 3 reels. This is unlike being limited to the very first two reels as found in other slots. A 2X multiplier is also offered by the wild symbol (unlike when in normal play). Probably, the best feature of the free spins mode is your ability to get the ultimate Diamond Dragon Super Round triggered.

What It Takes

Icons of three Super Round scatters (with the silver ax as symbol) are all it takes. Fascinatingly, the icons appear only when you are in the free spins mode. They generate an extra five free spins. These additional free spins offer you much better chances of accumulating the big payouts. A part of the reason for this is because the wild symbol then becomes reachable on reels number 1, 2, 3 and 4. In addition, the 2X multiplier which you got from the free spins mode now turns out to become a 3X multiplier in the game’s Super Round mode.

Game features

A fierce dragon which is a substitute for all other symbols is the wild symbol of the game with, the scatters being the only exception to this. Whenever it gets the ability to produce a winning lineup the icon then expands noticeably. As the icon expands, an exhilarating fire feature fills the whole reel. During the games exciting free spins mode, the wild greatly increases its presence. It increases the presence a lot more when the game is in the Super Round mode.

There are many benefits being offered by the game’s normal play mode too. Diamonds spin across reels numbers 1, 3, and 5. When they land, a minimum of three out of them trigger another bonus. They trigger the Diamond Pick Bonus. It is a bonus which, on the game’s brilliant screen, is represented by three diamond icons that are identical to one another. Although they are identical and look alike, they come with different values that vary noticeably. You can boost your bankroll by trying to pick the diamond that is most valuable.

Café Casino is presenting an extra bankroll boost for you when you play the Diamond Dragon game. You can use the code NEWGAMECA to get a match bonus that can be as high as 330%. That bonus accrues up to $330 for you when you make a deposit and play the exciting game. But this offer is just for a very limited time. Discover if you actually have what is required to make the angry dragon calm down and make you a huge winner.