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 Is it true that you can actually go to bed and continue playing keno? Jill S.

Getting some shut-eye and dreaming of lucky numbers is called Multi-race keno. Multi-race keno allows multiple games to be played on one keno ticket. Most casinos allow anywhere from two to 20 games in a row, but some offer 500, even 1,000 games. I heard of one lady who was played a Multi-race ticket in Las Vegas, drove back to Los Angeles to feed Spot and water her plants, and then came back to Vegas three days later to claim $8,200 in total winnings.

Last week my friend and I were playing at the Motor City Casino in Detroit when we asked a waitress to bring us some drinks. My friend said he heard on the Oprah Show that it isn’t proper etiquette to tip with gaming tokens so he didn’t tip her. It did not sound right to me but I didn’t argue. I just tipped her with gaming tokens anyway because the service was terrific. Is what I did improper? Roland K

Either Oprah booked a bum guest or your friend needed an excuse to stiff the cocktail waitress. My guess is the latter as I know of no casino with this type of internal rule, nor have I ever met a cocktail server who would turn down a gaming token. Typically at the end of their shift they simply exchange hard-earned gaming tokens given as tips for standard cash.

One more thing, Roland. Cocktail servers across the country would probably find ways to reward you for sharing this charitable advice with your friend: THE DRINKS MIGHT BE FREE, BUT THE FRIENDLY SERVICE ISN’T.

I find the single zero roulette offerings in Atlantic City far too rich for my blood. On weekends, a $25 table can destroy my bankroll in less than 10 minutes. Your column has always recommended not playing on a double zero game because the house edge is too high. What’s a player to do if he cannot afford the table limit but still enjoys the game? George N.

I will toss a nugget your way, but it will only turn to gold if you stick to just one wager. Yes, George, this columnist routinely advises readers to play roulette only in a casino that offers a single-zero wheel, simply because the house edge on a single zero wheel is 2.70% versus the 5.26% edge on the double-zero wheel. However, circumstances are slightly different in Atlantic City due to their modified roulette regulations. In general, on double-zero wheels, the casino can take just one-half of your original bet in the special circumstance where you have made an even-money wager (i.e. odd/even, 1-18/19-36, red/black) and zero or double zero is the winning number. This slight adjustment of the usual rules reduces the house advantage on these even-money bets to 2.63%, while the edge on all other wagers stays at 5.26%. You will not find this break on Atlantic City’s high-priced single-zero wheels, so we’ll call it a victory for the low-rollers.

Maybe it’s my poor luck, but why is it that the dealer always seems to draw to a 20 or 21 on their 16s and I don’t? Vicky D.

Do not be concerned when the dealer draws an abnormal amount of 20s and 21s, if you play your hands properly (perfect basic strategy). The dealer must make more of these good hands than you would because the rules dictate that he hit his stiff hands, whereas with smart play you wouldn’t hit a 16 versus a dealer 6, 5, 4, 3 or 2.

Gambling thought of the week: “Investing should be more like watching paint dry or grass grow. If you want excitement, take $800 and go to Las Vegas.” -Paul Samuelson, Nobel economist

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