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Slot Machines & Random Number Generators

Random Number Generators on slots

How Random Number Generators Really Work in Slot Machines

Random Number Generators on slots

Slot machines are popular in the gambling world especially for the random numbers they generate. It is these random numbers that really confuse us, as our curiosity swells as to how these random numbers are generated. Well slot machines deploy random number generators to spring forth all those random numbers.

These random numbers have similar functions with the roulette wheel, or even sharing the same unpredictability with your normal pair of dice. But with modern slot machines now all over, we have computers creating these hazy and random numbers. It is these numbers that decide the eventual results of the game.

Over time players have tried deciphering the fundamental formula, the code with which the computer manufactures these random codes. But all still, the unpredictability of these random numbers is what is certain. What this means is that there is no humanly fathomable order through which the random number generator works. The uncertainty of the next number is almost like trying to predict what card you would pick from a deck of cards.

Casinos using these computerized random number generators involves a hefty load of mathematics and numbers. At the end of the day, the casino has an advantage over you the player as for every bet you place, the casino would only give you a payout that is actually lesser than the real odds you were supposed to win.

Let us make this more practical using a roulette. Now the odds of you hitting one number precisely is 37:1. However when you bet on a specific number, what you get as a payout is rather 35:1. So you see the casino eventually has the upper hand sadly.

Slot Machines Work This Way Too

Usually slot machines can have 3 reel slots or 5 reel slots. The reel we are referring to here pertains to the image which spins on the machine. A reel would have a variety of symbols. The big money payout can be won when you successfully combine the winning symbols. The lesser the probability the right combinations, the bigger the allocated win.

These spinning reels do stop too. Those terminals or positions where the spin ends and the reel stop is conventionally called “stops”. While it is very possible for a reel’s spin to end and stop at symbol, it is also very possible for the reel to stop between symbols. These symbols that the reel stops at have their allocated winnings (as the case may be). More commonly, an orange could pop up one time in every five times that you try a spin. And then a symbol like a cherry may result one time when you spin for 50 times.

The Odds Are adjust by the weighting system

The important factor that contributes to what symbol your reel would stop at is the weighting. Lets use this example, a slot game is using 10 symbols, and that one special one symbol only comes up every 100 spins. The odds of getting 3 of that symbol are 1/100 X 1/100 X 1/100, or 1/1,000,000.  theoretically you could receive a payout of $1 million on that combination and still break even over the long run. casinos love that kind of operation, and so do players.

Another symbol could be programmed to come up half the time, so your odds of hitting that symbol might be as low as ½ X ½ X ½, or 1/6. If that pays out at 2 to 1, the casino still makes a significant profit, but the player feels like she’s winning on a regular basis.

It is the par sheet that does all the calculations in setting the odds you play for. This par sheet also determines the weighting of every one single stop on ten reel. The par sheet would also determine the weighting of the blanks.

Every slot machine during its manufacture is allocated its own par sheet which would later on set the odds. Majority of the gambling firms have their par sheet all wrapped up based on its sensitivity and delicacy. This way you can’t easily tell the odds or have a sound idea of the house edge.

Lastly there is the payback percentage which is the amount of cash the machine will pay you back when you infinitely play spins. This way casinos allow you back say a $3 from a cumulative reel play of $100.

So there you are. You have a better informed idea of how random number generators now work in the slot machines we have all up the casinos. Play safe and wise.