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Microgaming Set To Release Reel Spinner

Microgaming Releases Reel Spinner Slot

microgaming to Release Reel Spinner Online Slot

Microgaming Releases Reel Spinner Slot

As far as online gambling is concerned, microgaming has built and developed a reputation as one of the best, if not the best, slot developers of their time. The Isle of Man based company has continued to awe players and casino owners over the years with classic slot after classic slot, and if the recent releases are anything to go by, their upcoming releases are set to be even bigger and better. This perhaps explains why everyone got all excited when word came out that microgaming was set to release a new online slot in a month’s time. The slot will go by the name “Reel Spinner” and the company plans to launch the slot in both desktop and mobile/tablet versions – something that will most definitely add up to its mass appeal – here you can watch the video game promo

Into the deep seas

To be honest, so many online slots have been released in the 20 or so years that online gambling has been a thing that almost every theme and/or concept has been exhausted. Nonetheless, developers like microgaming have always found a way to keep things fresh. Reel Spinner is all about going fishing in the deep seas and brings out all the different things involved; the sharks, different types of fish, powerboats and of course the mythical underwater treasures. Of course this is not the first such slot from microgaming. Past releases including Octopays and Ariana were big hits and you can expect Reel Spinner to be as good, or something close. That said, the game’s various features are described below.

Slot features

Reel Spinner is a 5-Reel slot (all great) and 15 paylines, which effectively makes it a basic slot. Just to break it down for you, a standard slot typically has 25 paylines for flexibility (in terms of payouts) sake. So with a 15 payline slot, that is pretty much fixed, leaving the bet size as the only adjustable option. Of bet sizes, the minimum amount you can put up in a spin is 15p while the maximum is £11.25.

On the symbols, expect the typical deep sea fishing equipment including different types of Boats, Fishing Reels and Compasses. And what’s a deep sea fishing slot without some Colorful Fish as winning symbols?

Reel Spinner Video Game Play

Bonus Rounds

It seems like microgaming went out of their way to create a very basic and simplistic slot here as not only does Reel Spinner have a small number of paylines, it also has only one bonus round. It’s not like it’s a bad thing, though, but at this point, players have come to love and expect more. In this case, Free Spins round is the bonus feature. To launch the free spins round, you need to collect at least 3 Scatter symbols (Swordfish to be specific) on the reels. Now this is where it gets interesting. After the scatters appear, you have to select a boat from the 5 options given, ranging from a small dinghy to a luxury yacht. The boat you select will determine the number of free spins you will get, up to a maximum of 20. And no, the big boats/yachts do not necessarily give the most spins.

The next stage, after choosing a boat, involves spinning the fishing reels to try your luck. This time, you’ll be playing for the Multiplier which will affect your earnings in the entire bonus round. The highest Multiplier available is 5X. Note that you can only spin as many times as the number of free spins you managed to trigger in the first stage.

In terms of possible wins, the possibilities are quite great despite the slot not having a lot of paylines. Basically, you can win up to 112,500 credits in the Reel Spinner jackpot, which is quite a sizeable amount for a basic slot.


Frankly speaking, Reel Spinner is not the best slot microgaming has come up with, but it is still a solid game. For one, it comes with some great visuals, sound effects and some decent game play and still manages to be simplistic and lots of fun. In terms of wins and bonuses, there isn’t much to talk about (for the high rollers), but there’s still some good possibilities. So yeah, this is one slot that will keep people talking through the rest of the year.

Where to Play Reel Spinner