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Tarzan Released by Microgaming

Tarzan Released by Microgaming

Microgaming to Release Tarzan Slot Later this Year

Tarzan Released by Microgaming

Created by Edgar Rice Burroughs over 100 years ago, the character of Tarzan is arguably the most filmed character in all of film. Since the character appeared in Edgar Rice’s epic novel Tarzan of The Apes in 1912, it has inspired countless film adaptations and Broadway Productions and now, Tarzan is set to conquer your favorite online casino, courtesy of microgaming. Some time back, microgaming announced that it was working on acquiring the rights to create a slot around the character, which has been played by 29 actors since 1918, the latest being Alexander Skarsgard in the film Legend Of The Tarzan. The news about the upcoming release of the game was made official after microgaming acquired exclusive rights to go ahead with the project from Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc., the official rights holder. Creative Licensing Corporation facilitated the signing of the agreement and had been tasked with ensuring the rights acquisition was within the creative licensing laws. What more, Tarzan will be bringing along his lifelong partner Jane to whom he said the now iconic words “me Tarzan, you Jane”.

What the slot is all about

The Tarzan-themed slot is set to be released by the end of this year to all online casinos powered by microgaming. Tarzan will be of course the main character in the game while Jane and a host of their jungle friends including Archimedes will make appearances on the reels. microgaming hasn’t yet announced the number of reels the title will have although most people are expecting a 5-Reel slot, just like all the latest microgaming releases. Also, both microgaming and ERB have remained silent on what name the slot will go by. The general expectations are that it will be named after the latest Tarzan movie, Legend Of The Tarzan. That said, that is better left to microgaming, after all if the game is as good as everyone expects it to be, the name won’t matter at all.

According to microgaming’s CEO, Roger Raatgever, the company’s technical development team is working round the clock to ensure the game meets the sky high expectations. A prototype has already been released, and he admitted to liking the feel of it. Tarzan fans and practically everyone, can expect a slot built around life in the jungle as experienced by the brave man and his companion. Whatever happens between now and the release date, one thing is certain – the effects, visuals and soundtrack(s) will be out of this world, quite literally. For one, the CEO has announced that the famous Tarzan yell will be featured a lot in the slot. Suffice to say, many a player will get their adrenaline flowing in dangerous levels on hearing the yell, which resembles a tribal war cry.

Tarzan Slot Video Game Play

James Sullos, President of Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc., says that the company trusts that microgaming will do justice to the timeless character and hopefully attract new players from around the world. There is no denying that the company made the right choice in signing over the licensing rights to microgaming. It is common knowledge that microgaming got the title of one of the highest rising casino games developers due to their hard work and dedication to developing only the best games. Hopefully, the Tarzan slot will be one which everyone, from the developers themselves to the licensing company to players, is proud of. It will be such a joy to see the game achieve mainstream success, especially after the highly successful box office run of Legend Of The Tarzan. Quite frankly, microgaming has bitten off a large chunk of meat, it is now up to them to prove to the world that their teeth are fully grown and can effortlessly chew the meat, and even take another bite (Fast and Furious maybe?). In the unfortunate event that the game is a flop, microgaming will never recover from the ensuing negative publicity and future sales will surely be affected. If it is a success, it could be what propels microgaming to the top of the industry. From the look of things, it could go both ways, or not even take off at all. Well, microgaming could use all the luck in the world.

Where to Play Tarzan Slot