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PayPoint Deposit Casinos

PayPoint is an international payment system that is based in the United Kingdom. It offers payment methods through retail networks, mobile phones, and the internet. PayPoint partners with over 6,000 organizations to provide payment services.

PayPoint started as a bill payment system in the United Kingdom and expanded online shortly thereafter. It is one of the top payment service providers in the United Kingdom and manages transactions across 200 countries. There are over 28,000 PayPoint retailers in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and approximately 8,750 retailers in Romania. PayPoint outlets are available in many common locations such as convenience stores and grocery stores.

PayPoint also has a PayByPhone option as a means for paying for parking in cities like London, Paris, San Francisco, and Miami. It also provides services to send and receive goods for retailers like Amazon and eBay. Some PayPoint retailers also sell prepaid debit cards.

Although PayPoint offers services worldwide, it only has locations in Europe, so its pay bill services are largely unavailable outside of its service areas. PayPoint works with Western Union to transfer money abroad. PayPoint payments are also only accepted by those companies that work directly with PayPoint. Service providers will let customers know if they can accept PayPoint payments.

Depositing with PayPoint

PayPoint’s major feature is its bill pay service. Print the bill, take it to a PayPoint retailer, tell them how much to send the billing company, and obtain and keep the receipt. Retain the receipt until the business receives and acknowledges the payment; the receipt is the proof of payment.

PayPoint also has a voucher system where the individual purchases codes/vouchers for a stated amount of money, and then the customer can use that voucher to make online purchases. The online retailer must accept PayPoint payments for this voucher code to work properly. For online casinos, PayPoint offers UKash as a payment method. Other types of e-vouchers may be available as well.

UKash functions like a prepaid debit card and is obtained from a PayPoint retailer. It can be used for online gambling and gaming and at certain online stores. If the online casino accepts PayPoint, then it likely accepts UKash as well. UKash cards are valid for 6 months after the date of purchase.

Players who want to use UKash for their casino accounts simply select UKash as their deposit option. The card will have a 19-digit validation code that the online casino will request. The casino will also ask about the amount to be deposited. Neither PayPoint nor UKash charges fees for their services.

Other e-vouchers may be available as well; check the desired online casino to see if it accepts other forms of e-vouchers.

Advantages of PayPoint

Using PayPoint completely removes required online disclosures of bank information and credit or debit card information. In fact, users do not even need to disclose their names to obtain a payment voucher from PayPoint. Users can be certain that their information is completely safe because it is not disclosed at all.

This is also a great option for those who want to limit their spending or keep their personal finances separate from their gaming funds.

PayPoint’s prepaid debit card system allows gamers to use their money as if it were are regular credit or debit card, which makes the deposit process relatively simple. These cards can also be used for other purchases as well.

The most obvious advantage to this system is that there are no fees associated with the payments. There is no fee to obtain the e-vouchers, and there is no fee to pay bills at any of PayPoint’s locations.

Disadvantages of PayPoint

At this point, PayPoint is still only available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Romania. Users outside of these geographical areas do not have access to PayPoint retailers.

Other than the receipt for paying bills, PayPoint does not offer gamblers a way to track their spending. Vouchers are generally for a specific amount and do not offer the option of instant reloading. Reloading at the PayPoint location and terminals is available, however.

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