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Winning at Online Slots

How to Win at Online Slots useful tips

How to Win at Online Slots useful tips

How to Win at Online Slots useful tips

Almost every casino player plays or has played slots at some point. Of course everyone wants to win but very few know how, which will change after reading this article. Now, there are several ways one can beat the slots and probably double their bank balance. One of them is by pure luck where one unexpected spin, wins you a huge jackpot and instantly turns you into a millionaire. The other one is building up your account by winning a number of small jackpots. The latter requires more than just luck – skills and experience come in handy too.

Below are some useful tips on how you can beat the slots:

1. Play slots that are fun to you

Not all online slots are equal, some are more fun than others, and preferences vary greatly. To succeed in slot games, you need to find one that catches your fancy, which will make your experience more enjoyable. For instance, if you are a sci-fi movie fan, you might enjoy the Lord of The Rings slot more than say, a cartoonish slot. In the same breath, if you’re a fan of, or actually play tennis, Centre Court will be lots of fun for you. Your personal interests and personality will naturally go a long way in determining which games you will enjoy.

In a nutshell, there are thousands of online slot games hosted in various casinos, with themes varying from sci-fi to aquatic and even spatial. Majority of them will probably not interest you which is alright. Just find one that appeals to you and it will certainly put you in the state of mind you need to be a winner.

2. Understand the slot you’re playing

It is very important to have some background knowledge of the particular slot you’re playing and be well versed on the general features of online slots. For instance, you should have an idea of what paylines are, in this article Understanding Slots Reels and Paylines , the different kinds of symbols in slots and their meanings and/or importance. This knowledge will be of great help as you’re playing as you will be able to determine how to approach the game depending on the number of paylines or symbols present.

Of course, online slots are quite easy and you can go ahead and play without wasting time on learning the tricks but that won’t make you a better player. And remember you’re playing to win, not to pass time!

3. Maximum bets for maximum wins

In many online slots, the maximum amount you can win in a slot is in many ways dependent on the amount of coins you wager. Therefore, you might want to bet the maximum number of coins as a winning strategy. Many slots will offer different payout ratios depending on the number of coins wagered. A good example is Fruit Loot slot with 3 Reels and 1 payline. The game is won when 3 fruit baskets appear at the payline with different payout ratios. Basically, if your bet was 1 coin, your win will in the ratio 1000:1 which means you’ll win a maximum of 1,000 coins. If you bet 2 coins, the same ratio will apply, leaving you with a maximum win of 2,000 coins. If you bet three coins, the payout-to-bet ratio goes up to 1,667:1, which means that if the winning combination is achieved, you will be 5,000 coins richer, from 3 coins.

Of course it is not advisable to always place maximum bets, especially using the big coins. For instance, when playing Fruit Loot, you can bet in both the small coins and big coins, with no difference in potential wins. So instead of betting using your big coins, you can wager 3 small coins and you’ll get the same results.

Different slots have different bet requirements and it is imperative to study them before making any decision. A single coin could make all the difference.

4. Only play at reputable online casinos

Finally, the casino you choose to play at is a very important determinant of your success or failure. Sticking to casinos with great reputations, good quality games and amazing payouts will not only increase your winning chances, but also enhance your gaming experience. All Jackpots Casino is all that and more. Certified by the Malta Gaming Authority, hosting games from microgaming and with a stamp of approval from eCOGRA and other independent auditors, All Jackpots Casino is everything you would ever want in a casino.