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Alkemor's Tower New Release By BetSoft

Alkemor's Tower New Release By BetSoft

BetSoft Gaming Announces Alkemor’s Tower Release

Alkemor's Tower New Release By BetSoft

Betsoft Gaming, the pioneers of state-of-the-art 3D gaming technology have announced yet another addition to their impressive Slots3 video game collection. Alkemor’s Tower, the new game, has the trademark design and features one would expect a Betsoft game to have. And as Betsoft have proven time and time again, they never disappoint and this time was no different. Alkemor’s Tower easily surpasses expectations in every aspect.

The 5-Reel, any-way-pays, 3D slot is more than just a game. It is a dream. A surreal experience that takes the player through the dark, mystical world of renown wizard, Alkemor who was known to possess great magical powers from different schools of magic. Anyone who has played any Slots3 game will find Alkemor’s Tower somewhat familiar as, like the others, it is designed around the four elements -fire, water, earth, air- which are largely associated with elemental magic. What makes it even more appealing is that the elements are presented in such a way that each feels unique and blends perfectly with the eerie, mystical overall theme.

Each of the 5-Reel has its own unique combination of icons that teleport players to different levels within the Tower. From the Magical Conservatory level where one gets to explore Nature Magic to Celestial Magic on the Arcane Observatory Level where you get to have some free spins, Alkemor’s Tower is a hell of a tour and in three dimensions. What more, one gets to double their standard win(s) by correctly guessing a coin toss.

Mark McKeown, Betsoft’s VP in charge of Sales and Marketing describes Alkemor’s Tower as a “stunning example of the magic we at Betsoft can make with a video slot.” And he is not wrong. He further states that with Alkemor’s Tower, they are pushing against the perceived boundaries of what technology can do, as they have done before with their Slots3 collection. Alkemor’s Tower, McKeown says, has some four unique elemental magic effects, which give the player a wholesome experience that will keep them coming back. This is complimented by a strong theme and the trademark ‘gorgeous’ Betsoft graphics. With all these amazing features, the game is set to surpass the popularity of most of Betsoft’s best games, the VP says.

About Betsoft Gaming

Betsoft Gaming is widely regarded as the pioneer and market leader in true 3D gaming. It is described as a Tier One developer and distributor of quality online gaming software, in particular to online casinos. Betsoft has a portfolio of more than 180 games, a large number of them in 3D with the Slots3 series being the most popular. Betsoft began an aggressive campaign to take over the mobile gaming industry with their ToGo game collection which consisted of most of the hugely popular Slots3 games. Around June 2013, Betsoft introduced the Slots3 Interactive Series, widely regarded as representative of future online casino games. It is thus not by coincidence that Betsoft’s clientele includes some of the biggest online casino players.

For more information and inquiries, contact Betsoft Gaming’s sales team at sales@betsoftgaming.com or visit www.betsoftgaming.com to get view their profile and list of games.

Where to Play Alkemor’s Tower