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US Casino Deposit Options

US Casino Deposit methods

Casino Deposit Options For US Players

US Casino Deposit methods

Casino deposit methods for US players can really be complicated nowadays. It is all thanks to the anti-gambling legislation Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act or UIGEA that will prevent an American from using any of their personal bank account. They couldn’t use any of their personal credit cards or debit cards to have funds added to the casino cashier online accounts. At one point American residents were allowed to use deposit options like American Express, Visa, and MasterCard. The reason for this is that it was very easy and familiar to many Americans when they were paying using credit cards

Even though Americans have access to the online casinos they will have a very hard time depositing any type of funds to there bankroll online. The casino deposit options that are in the US have been the more popular of the topics that the lawmakers have discussed. The anti-gambling legislators, to stop online betting, was passed in 2008, and that should have prevented many of the banks from even doing business with any of the online casinos. The main purpose of all of these law was really to stop the betting online altogether. Of course this only made it a little more difficult for any of the Americans to fund there online casino account. US players are able to legally still join the online casinos but it is really very hard to find any dependable type of deposit method.

If they are the type of person that wants to learn about casino deposit options in the US, all they will need to do is do research. They will need to research and find what kind of deposit methods other players have done in the past. Another thing that they will need to do is read a lot of the reviews about the online type of transfer payment methods. Lastly they can talk to someone from third party payment processors themselves so as to find out what type of options that have in the terms of funding their bankroll.

Casino Deposit Options Open To U.S Players

  1. Credit Cards (VISA/MasterCard/American Express)

There is a typical misinterpretation that USA players could not use credit cards… this is not generally true. Every once in a while Credit card transactions with U.S. bank upheld records will fizzle anyway it is likely that it might be for short period. Usually, casinos that acknowledge U.S. players move starting with one installment processor then onto the next and with that move, new processors for gambling transactions are not hailed and transactions go directly through. This is a typical occurrence wherever you choose to play however it is one that profits American players that need to use VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. It can be helpful in many occasion.

If your having trouble funding with your credit cards try this:

  • Try your card at least 5 times BUT at 15 minute intervals.
  • Enter odd amounts like $27 or €101; these have a better chance of going through.
  • Use varied amounts to avoid duplicate transaction triggers.
  • The larger your deposit amount, the less chances of experiencing a rejection.
  • Still struggling? Don’t give up just yet. Solutions:
  • Try using a NEW Visa / Visa Prepaid Card.
  • Try any of the variety of eWallets and prepaid online voucher options bellow.

These casinos found here, for example, Coolcat Casino, Palaceofchance Casino, Dreams Casino and others are all able to process credit card transactions. We highly recommend trying to use your credit card with these casinos. The easiest group of casinos able to process credit card transactions are the Main street vegas group of online casinos, offering over $1000 in casino bonuses.

  1. Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency

One of the best online casino deposit methods for U.S players is bitcoin. It is a digital type of currency that really has become widely accepted at any of the online sites for gaming and many different merchants as well in the world. When a person from the US does deposits with bitcoin, their transaction is sure to go through. There is no type of federal laws or any central bank that will decline any of their transactions or withhold the funds. The bitcoin deposits will be very fast and they will have the funds in their account instantly.

Bitcoin is one of the only online casino deposit method that a US player can use that is 100% reliable, anonymous as well as very secure. The only thing that they will need to do is send the funds from their bitcoin wallet to the address for BTC that is provided bu any of the online casino cashier. There is no credit card or banking account information that is needed.

  1. Prepaid Cards & Gift Card

For Americans players, the only real way they will be able to add money to their online casino account would be if they use a prepaid card. The reason for this is because using prepaid cards, at online casinos are really not tied to any type of American address or bank account. Thus they are completely immune to all of these laws that have stipulated that any bank will not be able to do business with  online casinos. This is one of  type  of deposit method for online casinos that is for US players that will carry this very trait.

All of the prepaid cards can be bought in-person or online from a number of different retailers. including Paypal or Bank. Many of the online casinos will often specify the best prepaid cards for US casino deposits and a majority of them will accept the Visa brand cards. This type of card is great because they will be able to buy the card with credit or cash then it can be instantly deposit all of the funds into there US casino account.

  1. Wire Transfers

Many Americans will have some success with using the wire transfers to have cash added to the online casino bankroll. They can also see many of these US casino deposits that are called person-to-person type of transfers at many online casinos. It is a 100% guaranteed that they would be able to deposit their funds if they follow all of the instructions that are provided by their cashier. They can go to many different types of retailers around the world or can have the transaction completed online for the transfer. The more common wire transfer services are RIA, MoneyGram and of course Western Union. When a person uses the wire transfer methods they will leave virtually no type of paper trail.

  1.  Check:

This is by far the most time consuming almost all casinos way of getting funds to and from your gaming account as funds are only deposited into your account once the check you sent has been cashed by the gaming site you’ve sent one to.

So there you have it. These are the most up-to-date on the latest US deposit methods for the online casinos. Bookmark this page as we update this page often to add new deposit methods when available